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Sun 13th Jun 2021 03:07

Secret base

by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

After the hall of Axes we decided to backtrack and investigate the other hallways. One of these side hallways was trapped and lead to a large empty room. This room had a door with what seemed to be warning signs on the opposite side. The continuing corridor had a warp wall moving back and forth. It seems that this wall has created a loop in the ruïns back to the section with the bedrooms.
Since it was close by anyways I went to the supposed trapped section of the hallway to test it with the enchanted statue. The traps were properly triggered. They were spikes. The Statue was still intact so I took it along in case I needed it later.
We also found a room with metal knickknacks. It may have been an old workshop or smithy.
Having done that we went to check the room with the trapped hallway. We found traces of heavy objects being dragged over the floor and Pasta found some sort of traps on the wall. The door with a warning is probably set to trigger these traps if the wrong colour code is entered into the lock. Lucky for us, whoever comes here probably has a bad memory since the Red Dot symbols we found along the way were all painted in different colours for the code.
Behind the door was a small room filled with metal furniture and a single bed. As usual, we rummaged through all the drawers and nooks to find interesting things and clues on who the room belonged to. Although the biggest clues were probably the stack of paintings, the red dot markings and the empty doorframes which Sulk identified as some sort of teleportation artefact. The door that should be inside the frames can teleport to different locations to provide direct access to it.
This should be the same sort of the door the Red Dot gang used when we met with them in the sewers. We found many other magical items as well, most of which I doubt have much monetary worth.
We can probably conclude that this is a base for the Red Dot gang but we do not yet know who it is and how high they rank.