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Fri 18th Sep 2020 09:26

Returned the Bird

by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

We returned that stupid bird today. It's so airheaded that I doubt it would have remembered to inform its master o our deal if we just left it alone. I was thinking of simply taking a small unimportant item that would still be missed so the Druïd would ask it where it was. There was, however, a ghost or something in attendance who seemed a lot more reliable so we left a message with him.
Points to ask:

  • Pointers on using magic

  • More difficult spells

  • Method to longer preserve herbs

  • Gimdalf also needed some rare flower so we went into the giant redwood forest to find one. It was easy with the trees giving us directions. As to how to grow the flowers, the pharmacist's notes contained experiments with it so that shouldn't be too difficult. The most difficult thing seems to be getting feary fire to last long enough for it to grow properly.
    Speaking of that idiot dwarf, he agreed to exchange 3 days of work in exchange for me teaching him Melf's acid arrow. I should try to figure out what other spells I could teach him. Having a worker for such a cheap price is really beneficial. Though the main driving force seemed to be the mention of me being able to make healing potions. He probably made some assumptions I shouldn't dissolve.