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Fri 16th Apr 2021 10:36


by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

The multiplied rocks turned out to be a magical object for shared storage, which is handy because my backpack was getting full. It's also a safer place to keep the gunpowder than directly on my person.
After dumping a bunch of stuff into the storage rock we relied on my superior memory to check out the hallway we had traversed in the dream. We passed a few uninteresting rooms, one with statues and some bedrooms, as well as what looked to be markings from the Red dot gang. Around the second corner, there was a wall of energy moving back and forth that seemed to fragment the space it crossed.

My first thoughts tell me this is the result of a large scale teleportation spell gone wrong. Not that I've seen such spells in progress very often but there aren't many spells that would warp the fabric of a plane to such extents.
A trapped portion of the hallway had also been shifted, although not detrimental to our advancement since we could simply take the right side. I do wonder if the traps that were supposedly on the left are still active. I plan to test that with a size-changing statue, along with a very shiny fork, we found. If it survives the test I will bring the statue along when we go to follow the Red dot markings. If we get attacked I can simply throw it at some enemies.
We also came across a section covered in strange crystals. Sulk demonstrated how they glow red and repel each other if you'd try to bring them together. It's pretty neat so of course, I brought a few along.