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Mon 1st Feb 2021 07:31

Diamond heist, part 3

by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

The results of my scouting mission, which was from 9 something in the evening until 2 something in the morning, were as follows:

  • Although there are rasters with locks in the chimneys, the locks are normal hanging locks so it shouldn't be a problem. If the locks can't be opened, it might be possible to simply tear out the raster but that would make a lot of noise. If that happens, Macaroni proposes we drop down a dead animal to imply that that is what made the noise. The windows can't be opened and need to be shattered if we want to enter through those, which would make noise.

  • The guards go on patrol every hour. They make a round inside every -:30 (coming from the large dining hall and moving counter-clockwise) and a round outside every full hour clockwise.

  • The rooms around the vault aren't in use and could be used as hiding spots if needed. It also means we don't have to worry about waking people up with every step.

  • When I returned to the inn the others were still awake. We decided that we (Macaroni and I) would enter through the chimney nearest to the vault at night while gimdalf would keep a lookout on one of the rooftops in case something went wrong.
    The night of the heist, for some reason, we went up on the roof of one of the neighbouring houses and Macaroni struggled to lasso the rope around the stovepipe of the Padmore's kitchen. I think he planned to climb across it onto the roof but he couldn't get it high enough so he still had to climb up part of the wall. I watched from the neighbouring rooftop until he had successfully unlocked the grate inside the chimney and climbed down before I went over myself as a centipede. Since it wasn't that long before a patrol should come across the room we waited for a little before moving. It was painfully clear that all the competent guards had left as the first patrol inside was late and a guard outside (which we later heard from Gimdalf) was more concerned about dropping his pipe than the strange noises coming from the alley across.
    During this heist, Macaroni was responsible for all the lockpicking and actually stealing things while I was mainly there to scout and intervene if we were discovered. As such, Macaroni was the one to deal with the strange trap-wall which, as it turned out, would trigger if he made a mistake while lockpicking. He almost got squashed by the wall during his first attempt. Lucky for us the wall also landed on the paw os the skinned bear rug, muffling the sound and not alerting the guards.
    Once unlocked I checked inside to see what was there. Among a lot of different things the Padmore diamond was situated in an enchanted glass case on a pillar but other than that there seemed to be not other protection around it.
    Macaroni was the one to remove the diamond from its position and we were both hit by a bad feeling of foreboding. Strangely enough, this feeling would disappear
    as soon as the glass case was put back on. As such, I concluded that the diamond must be cursed in some way. Since none of us wants to be cursed, Macaroni decided to take the case with us as well. He erased our tracks and got out of there quickly and quietly.
    When we got back to Gimdalf, he had somehow acquired a large painting. He wasn't entirely clear on how exactly he got it but he apparently met someone on a late-night stroll who gave it to him. To make sure our scents wouldn't be easy to track back to the inn, we made a detour through the city and I went for a little swim in the city, stealthy as f*ck.
    Before we went to sleep Gimdalf checked the glass case, which is apparently some anti-magic item (very useful), and the diamond that doesn't have any detectable magic of itself. So it's definitely bad news or cursed. I'm not sure why the red dots wanted it but maybe we should do some more research on the diamond to make sure it's not some 'ancient evil' summoning device. I'd rather not end the world yet.