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Tue 22nd Dec 2020 01:12

Mystery tome's mystery mashup

by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

We followed a small path along the chasm leading to the right while Marshmallow was sent to the left, where there was no path, to explore. The left ended in a waterfall with too low a ceiling to explore. On the right we found stairs leading down and gargoyles mounted on the cave wall next to it, spewing water into a whirlpool.
With nothing better to do, and hoping that we'd find something interesting, we followed the stairs through a hallway that seemed to have been made from different building parts being smashed together without concern. Among this mashup of differently built walls, we came upon a room that led 30 feet up and down from where the hallway entered. Not only that but the furniture was located on the ceiling. The fireplace was strangely dark as well to the extent that my night vision could not pierce through it. To get a better look at the situation I used my Booyagh powers to light a fire in the hearth. As a result, it appeared upside down and chased a blob of shadows out of the fireplace which was, understandably, in a bad mood.
With some difficulty, we managed to determine that this was a shadow devil. It did not seem to understand any of our languages and as it had become hostile towards us we killed the sneaky bastard with its weakness, magic light.
Gimdalf was so stupid kind to jump into the room and access the situation first during the fight. It seems that the gravity of this room is indeed inversed. Anything of value had long been ransacked or crumbled from age as apparently, this was a construction build by the ancient ones. Beyond this room, there was another hallway that ended in a large round room with spectator benches, a large number of bones and a willow tree that grew in the centre. At first, we thought this had been some sort of fighting arena, on account of all the skeletons. The Mystery Tome reacted to this room as well and once again it was glowing, showing a practically blank page with a diamond as the centre of the room. This time there were multiple circles with text beside them but they varied fastly in their stability. Most were blurry or blinked constantly. Following the tried and fruitful method of randomly poking things the tome gradually filled out one of its pages with symbols. Macaroni and Gimdalf also found thin metal slabs that had similar symbols and were made of the same metal. With fiddling around a bit, I managed to activate what seemed to be a recording. The recording showed a town in the location of what should currently be Jafone. The town was besieged by devillike monsters and the recording ended as a giant beast approached. I'm guessing that the old towns became the dangerous ruïns underneath Jafoneand the beast that was slain turned into the dragon's teeth quarry. There were only two other recordings working which were probably made on the same day. Those recorded the Ancients making their last stand in the round room.
It seems that the slabs are the storage space f these recordings and the tome is the medium to access them although the Ancients' used fancy green stones embedded in their heads for that purpose. Gimdalf wanted to implant one of the stones in his skull as well to see if he could magically understand the language they used but refrained from doing so right away as it required an unknown ritualistic surgery to have an effect.
At the moment there is no real danger in these halls other than maybe a few lost devils like the one we encountered earlier. With that information, we searched the room for useful things. I harvested a bunch of glowing speed-mushrooms that grow in the room. I'm planning on using them to produce potions to boost speed and, if possible, grow them to make glowing soap. Macaroni discovered that behind a pile of fallen ruble was the metal spider thing we had seen in one of the recordings. At the moment it is rusted and motionless but we don't want to risk activating it by mindlessly poking it. Other than the mushrooms we found some magic equipment. I got a fancy magic dagger and a metal throwing shield that automatically bounces (? Maybe it flies?) back to me. Very handy.
We also got or hands on a magic longbow but none of us knows how to use it. We plan on either selling it or trading it directly for a magic bow Macaroni can use. Also, Gimdalf was whining that there was nothing of real use to him among the pile of stuff. Apparntly he forgot he was the only one with magic equipment beyond a focus.