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Fri 13th Nov 2020 07:06

Diamond heist, part 2

by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

While Greeny was talking to sir Padmor we had the luck of a thunderstorm hitting the area which moved the conversation inside. Through some persuasion, Greeny managed to convince them to agree to the plan of organising an extravagant art exhibition to lure out the Red Dots and capture them. She even got a tour through part of the house and was informed that most of the art pieces are currently in a different mansion. It also seems that their title of Baron was taken away due to the tyrannical acts of an ancestor (Baroldor Padmor).
While Greeny was talking with him, Marshmallow went ahead and distracted the guards by playing cute. It made it much easier for me to search the house without worrying. Of course, the vault was in the last place I looked. The vault seems to be a reïnforced room with a trap wall. The Padmor diamond is likely in there. I couldn't figure out how the trap and lock work though. But at least it isn't magical.
After getting everything we wanted to know, we regrouped at the inn. Apparently, Macaroni and Gimdalf fought magical chickens that caused the thunderstorm and summoned an owl person who I'll refer to a Smore. While claiming the reward, Gimdalf stupidly blurted our plans of robbing the Padmor mansion to a random guard. So now we have agreed that decisions that could endanger the entire group, especially when it involves criminal groups, should be discussed first. We also decided that further communications with the guard captain should be held using message. This can actually be done from the entrance to the wagon maker which is a great combination cause I can shop while they work.
The captain sadly can't order the guards of the mansion to lower their guard as they are privately employed by the Padmors. But he will help us by inviting a bunch of them to dinner during the evening we want to get to work.
Notes: Apparently, Gimdalf has a problem with eating animals after killing them? It wasn't a problem with the wolfs though. The guards are also taking my advice of supervising the sewers by chaining the grates down.