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Sat 26th Sep 2020 08:54


by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

We made landing in the city Jafone, the seat of power to the king of Talamir. We got a lift from someone who gave us information on the city. Long story short, crimes are very common here as evident by the fact some pathetic amateurs tried to rob us when we were looking for an inn. Those idiots can't even keep their backs straight at the slightest setback!!! Either do your homework on your targets or be prepared to die you &$**. We let two of them go but their leader was so pathetic he couldn't even properly getaway when I let him! Therefor, Greeny and I left him with nothing but his undergarment on the street.
We found a warning note on him as well. Seems this city may have a mafia oppressing the smaller robbers.
Eventually, we found a seemingly decent inn and arranged a three-person room for the time being. If we find it crowded after the first night we can get an extra room.
I plan on going into the city later to sell the unneeded things and get myself a nice wagon to function as a lab on the road. Whether I take one pulled by goats or an ox depends on the price of what's available. I'm actually hoping for a wagon with two goats. Those are generally much better at making their way through tricky terrain's then other species.
Note: Gimdalf's progress on our deal: day 1/3