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Fri 9th Oct 2020 09:29

The strategy of being troublesome

by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

We got a message from Dugas the Archdruïd that our reward was waiting for us at the Jafone bank. Sadly he didn't come in person or I would gladly exchange the coins for information and lessons. At the bank, we came across wanted posters for the leader of the Red Dot gang (pictureless). As the reward was no less than 2000 gp it drew my companions' interest. As such we went to the guards for information from which I surmised the following:

  • The Red Dot gang is an elitist group of bandits who appeared a short while ago and organised the small gangs in the city.

  • They gather tribute from the other gangs.

  • Their headquarters are supposedly in the underground ruïns.

  • Their extremely careful with not leaving traces and their information network moves fast.

  • Our current plan, courtesy of Macarony, is to make just enough of a ruckus to draw their attention and get into contact as another small gang or business partner. I personally would like to go with the excuse of educating the more pathetic gangs since we have people more capable at pickpocketing or deceiving them. This way we won't have to act like petty thieves and inconvenience the guards. We should also try to find that geltan to see if we can get into contact with those people or place ourselves in their view without animosity.
    As a meantime activity, we found a group of hunters who want to pay us for escorting them through a forest in which people have been disappearing or getting heavily injured. It's a forest with many special plants which could be beneficial to my experiments.
    For the longterm, Gimdalf and Macarony have been putting in the effort to pinpoint the Drow's home. It seems he's travelled quite far, all the way from a dessert inhabited by Tortles. Someone did warn us, however, that Drow are deceitful and we should not trust Pointy-ear's promises casually.