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Sat 30th Jan 2021 05:50

Wrapping up the ruïns and returning to Jafone

by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

After we cleared out the items of interest in the round room we decided to check out the only other door connected to the room. Beyond it was the remnants of a room which was, to put it simply, stabbed through with a large, white pillar. Out of curiosity, Gimdalf went ahead to investigate if something lay beyond the hole the pillar had made and what it was made of. Macaroni and I decided to watch from a save distance outside of the room in case Gimdalf managed to damage something with his sludge hammer and either caused a collision or an explosion.
Upon return, he informed us the pillar was the bone of a Tarrasque, some huge terrible monster that can cause the destruction of the world and although it is currently destroyed, it seems to still be regenerating. This is likely the reason Dragon's tooth quarry regenerates as well. Gripped by a sudden bout of paranoia, Macaroni threatened Gimdalf with and arrow which understandably pissed of the wizard. For the hell of it, and future reverence, I told Gimdalf to do something to prove it was truly him. Of course, I haven't known him long enough to have any decent idea of how he would do that but he didn't disappoint me as he slapped Macaroni across the face with mage hand. Sometimes it's fun how gullible they are.
Since we couldn't really get any further into the ruins we decided to go back. Apparently, the secret stairs retract by themselves over time, but as I already vaguely understood how to operate them it was no problem. The second evening there were no Kobolds (that we spotted). To avoid having to pay for the destroyed furniture that fell down when we activated the stairs, and as the regenerating Tarrasque is of some concern to the far future, I decided to tell the foreman of the quarry that some mysterious staircase suddenly activated on its own in the middle of the night and that we had gone down already to explore for a bit.
We told them about the ruïns, the traps in the first hallway and a strange room with reversed gravity but nothing else. The complete investigation and whether they can figure out what the bone is from is entirely up to them. Of course, by the time their small team got to the tower, the stairs had already closed so I went back in secret to let down the stairs when they reached the door. They seemed to have heard the staircase activate and send someone back. They probably won't get trapped down there forever?
Back at Jafone, Macaroni went back to the inn to arrange a room and take a nap. Gimdalf had apparently taken a large portion of the Tarrasque bone with him and commissioned a smith to make armour with it for him. when we got back at the inn Gimdalf wanted to pull a prank on Macaroni and asked me for ideas. Apparently, he thought I like pranks because of my Mud orbs? I'm not very good with pranks but I did want to test a rumour I heard. Supposedly, if you put the hand of a sleeping humanoïd in water they'll automatically pee. It didn't work with Macaroni though. It could be that my variables were off. After all, I don't have a lot of information on the conditions.
After that Gimdalf went on with his prank. Something with binding Macaroni's feet to the ceiling and dunking him headfirst into a bucket of water. I don't think it worked out as it was supposed to. Macaroni woke up in the middle of his feet being tied and both cut the ropes of Macaroni's hammock at the same time (Macaroni his feet and Gimdalf the headend). It was fun to watch them tumble to the floor in a graceless heap of limbs.
With some reconciliation between the two, I went to the wagon shop to finalise the design of my wagon and got a free shop sign out of it. The shop will be named Ta-vanul's treasure and I plan on mainly dealing with self-care products such as soap or toothpaste. Humanoïds seriously need to take better care of their teeth. They may be ugly and flat but that's no excuse for neglecting them.
Meanwhile, Macaroni went to check up with the Captain of the guard to see if he had been successful at luring away the more competent guards at the Padmore estate. The answer was yes, so our mission tomorrow night will be a lot easier.
To make sure we won't run into any easy-to-avoid trouble during the heist I went to the estate (as a centipede) this evening to check if we could easily access the manor through one of the chimneys, what the patrol schedule of the guards is and if the rooms round the vault are occupied.