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Fri 3rd Sep 2021 07:43


by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

Sulk sold a bunch of stuff and bought a bunch of stuff--> dragon is a void dragon. . Went back to the inn, told barmaid the last "gossip" on the ice and explosion. Pasta + Sulk told captain about ruins and teleportation devices. I went to library for translating lecture and research bakery.
Lecture about identifying rich/ apropriate targets and pretending to be rich yourself. Elf from ruins entered after lecture, checked our shoes and identified us as 'intruders' of base. Pretended like we didn't know it was a base and we were just exploring. Were asked again about diamond. Negotiated a meeting and explanation from leader before possibly handing over the diamond. agreed. Were followed, pushed guy of roof as bear. Leader is apparantly a guy cursed by rival empire. Set up RD due to orders to destabilise Jafone + find a way to break the curse.
PDiamond: Bad luck curse. Can't be sold? interferes with other curses. LRD hopes it will weaken his curse enough to break it.
I'm 100% in! I want to know how it works + sympathises a bit with the guy being forced to do things against will.