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Thu 25th Feb 2021 11:23

Trouble in the sewers

by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

After lunch, we went back to the area around our inn to find an entry into the sewers. According to Macaroni, this is where the exterminators had found an entry. While making our way there we came across the newspaper kid who had a new article. something about a block of ice crashing through a roof not too far from our in. Given Gimdalf's strange dream, I'm still not sure what it was about, he wants to check it out after our sewer business.
Anyway, the sewers. With some searching around and abiding by the logic of Jafone being build on top of the ruïns, we chose to follow the sewers that lead further down. After some time we found some older looking bits of which a small part was invested with squids. Gimdalf found an unconscious, small purple dragon. (Although the lighting was very bad so it may be something else entirely.) We also found a box with gunpowder! I filled all my empty jars and vials with it and I have about 1,5 kg. Now I don't have to mess around trying to extract potassium from potatoes to make small explosions to rig traps in my wagon.
The entrance the exterminators had been talking about was behind the squids, right past the point where their nest is. Since there's no need to fight them or disturb their nest, Gimdalf sent Marshmallow to lure some of them away so we could enter safely. The largest squid took the bait and followed Marshmallow deeper into the tunnels, leaving the others to tightly guard the nest. We took the opportunity to quickly enter the ruïns. The first part was a fancy hallway with nice tiles which I had scouted earlier. After that, it quickly became a more modest interior. Since al of us can see in the dark we didn't bother to make a light.
The first door we came across had no handle and likely needed to be opened from the other side. Not wanting to find a way around, I suggested to simply undo the hinges and then used my magic dagger as a crowbar to make the door fall into the hall. It made quite some noise so hopefully, we didn't alert anything too dangerous with that.
Behind the door is a room with three other doors. One door is slightly opened and has a mark similar to the Red dot's thing next to it, though probably not red because it became black in the red light I took from the entrance. One of the other doors is built sideways so naturally, that's the first one that should be investigated.
Upon opening it a load of water streamed out in a rather peculiar way. When I looked inside it was almost immediately clear that this was another room with messed up gravity, like the ruïns at dragon's tooth query. But this time the gravity is sideways. Once again, Gimdalf took the initiative to enter the room first. This time along with a safely secured rope so he could climb out when needed.
There isn't much in the room itself, a table, a closet and a chest that turned out to be alive and attacked the wizard. I have heard stories of these things before and they can supposedly be very annoying which turns out to be a true statement. Gimdalf's weapon got stuck on the 'mimic', as it's apparently called, and it was in general far too sticky for comfort. Being in a good mood I went down myself in an attempt to help, I even warned Gimdalf that the mimic was about to explode.
Although the fight was handled well, I'm also starting to doubt if I should keep travelling around with these two. During the short period of the fight, Macaroni Pasta didn't do anything to help or even inquire if Gimdalf Sulk was okay. On the other hand, Sulk was annoyed by this and decided that the best course of action was to attack Pasta during the fight. If this is how they act in the future I can't entrust them with my safety. The whole reason I want to even travel with others is to lessen the danger of being randomly prosecuted for simply walking the streets as a goblin. But it seems that staying with these two might become more of a hazard instead.
There's nothing more perilous than team members that might stab you in the back over small disputes or leave their allies to die because they don't feel like helping. If they can not see reason and change their ways, I'll need to leave after this whole Red dot thing is over. Before I start to truly hate them and kill them in their sleep.