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Fri 25th Sep 2020 07:02

The weird greenhaired person

by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

Since yesterday a strange parson has been following us. They have pointy ears and green hair. I have no idea why they're following. Don't even know what their name is.
Their green hair is pretty damn fascinating so I tried to figure out how she gave it that colour. She said it was dyed with a special mixture of moss and bird-poo. After some discussion, she agreed to teach me the recipes but wants a favour in return. Of course, whether this deal is finalised depends on if the recipe works.
She has a weird personality as well. When we got back to the village she kept talking to this random person and trying to convince him they'd known each other for a really long time. The reason why eludes me. At least she managed to put all potential future blame on the pharmacist and found a way to snap these braindead villagers back to reality.
I left the villagers some money to build up their village some more. If they use it well I could return for trade in the local herbs they have. Some are extremely useful for basic medicine. Moreover, the sour berries that grow in the forest make for a great seasoning.
notes: the seamstress is suspicious