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Fri 8th Oct 2021 08:33

Plan to take over

by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

Stole a ladder, had some sleep, decided to give diamond to LRD, then capture him and i take over RD for a while.
Plan A: LDR doesn't want to stay in charge, convince him of two things: 1. GC takes over RD from him, but Oregano has to stay for a bit because GC doesn't know RD structure. If fail, see plan C.
2. Convince LDR to bring diamond back himself. If fail, see plan B.
Plan B: use oregano after complete takeover to track location of LDR.
Plan C: Kill
We informed captain of plan A and C and the appearance of LDR. Went off to arrange some things for if take over is successful.
Delivered diamond, removing curse was very dramatic and successful. LDR then walked out. Change of plans: GC stays as part of RD to slowly take over. Dee new (temporary) leader organises bringing back the diamond. Will also try to be undisruptive to Jafone. Got paid. Gimdalf got info about temple, probably south of Silltarul.