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Mon 7th Dec 2020 09:38

Organising an exhibition and kobolds

by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

In order to keep up Greeny's disguise as an art lady named Fiona, we decided to actually organise an art exhibition throughout the entire city. although the plan was adjusted from art everywhere to art in three important public places which will attract viewers but is also easier to monitor. This has two purposes. Firstly, that Padmor's suspicion towards us will lessen as we are still carrying on with the plan instead of disappearing like a normal swindler would. Secondly, in accordance with our deal with the guard captain, it can be used to capture some of the higher-ranked thieves in the Red Dot gang which is what we used beforehand as just an excuse.
We first went to the captain of the guard to get a permission slip. Greeny hadn't come with us the first time and had been disguised well, Therefore we introduced her as an old friend we happened to meet by chance in the city and we were just helping her out with introductions. The guard captain seemed to be very confused about what our purpose was but eventually, he caught on and gave us permission.
Our next stop was the current Baron of the city whose position the Padmore's want. We didn't have an appointment but were allowed to meet her anyway. This baron seemed like someone I shouldn't fight alone and who's way to perceptive with both lies and her environment to the point that it must be tiring. She seemed to be already aware of the exhibitions true purpose, capturing the Red Dot's, without us informing her. We did pretend not to know anything about it just to be sure. She wasn't to happy about the exhibition being exclusively about the Padmore's so we suggested she put a few nice things up as well. With that, we got her permission. As we were leaving she also caught what seemed to be an intruder who was hiding behind a curtain. Why do the Padmore's want this position? No privacy.
Now all that's left is actually organising the exhibition which we'll leave to Greeny for the most part.
To kill some time until our diamond heist, we took up a job at the Dragon's tooth quarry. We got a lift from the same guy that had brought us to the city before.
The job is to keep Kobolds from stealing the miners' equipment which has been happening nearly every night. The foreman agreed to pay each person 6 gp a day (2-day contract) with an additional 5sp and shiny rocks for each Kobold killed.
Our stakeout was a watchtower with some simple furniture. As we all needed some rest we took turns keeping watch. With Gimdalf's shift, Marshmallow spotted several moving figures which turned out to be six kobolds and two bears. Two of the kobolds could fly but honestly, I found the normal ones to be the most annoying along with a stupid bear who tried to kill me and then ran away. I even got into an argument with Gimdalf about me trying to return the 'favour' to that bear as he believed it was innocent and thus didn't need to take responsibility for its actions. Marshmallow even attacked me over it, stupid bird. I do not make Gimdalf follow my rules. what right does he have to make me follow his? Besides, what of the kobolds. How does he know they weren't innocent? He didn't ask why that took stuff. Didn't even try to find out or propose it to the foreman. Just went straight to receiving some useless shiny coins in exchange for taking intelligent life. Truly an example of a hypocritical humanoid. If something attacks me and I die that's fair but if it turns tail and runs it better runs fast because I will repay the favour. Simple as that.