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Thu 25th Feb 2021 10:37

Spies and lesson programs

by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

After the aptitude exam and some more talking with Oregano, we went to the orchard to talk things through. We were wondering about what the lesson programs should be and how we could find out more about this marked one. We were thinking of just asking Organza about who this person mentioned in the note was and if we could meet him because we wanted to know who we work with.
Then Marshmallow discovered a spy in one of the trees where he had sat down with his one-night stand, who attacked the spy on account of him being a possible danger. Naturally, the moment we noticed this we went to pull the man out of the tree. Upon success, I went to lie on top of him as a bear to keep him from running away. Apparently, the weight of a black bar is unpleasant enough for people to cooperatively give all information we want.
He was hired by the Red Dots to keep an eye on us for the night. Knowing he would convey our conversation to him we made sure that he would emphasize us wanting to know who exactly we work for and also that we were curious about the Padmor diamond and why they wanted it. As a little extra motivation I offered to pay him 2 GP after he successfully conveyed the information.
The next day, macaroni, Gimdalf and I decided on the schedule of doing things for ourselves in the morning and investigating the information on ruïns Macaroni obtained from pest-control several days ago. I conjecture that these ruïns are the remains of the ancient city we saw in the recordings in the other ruïns under dragon's teeth Quarry. If so, there may be some exciting things hidden within.
I'm not sure what the others were doing during the morning. Macaroni simply disappeared for a few hours, nice and quiet, and Gimdalf showed up halfway asking about some sort of old temple from legends which might have something to do with his nightmare? I don't know. I don't care enough to pay attention to such things. Either way, It's supposed to be ancient so we might find something in the ruïns this afternoon.
Meanwhile, I was trying to piece together the lesson plan for our students. I'll mostly be doing the lectures. The problem is, however, that my methods apparently aren't universal. For example, I'm trained in recognising herbs by appearance and smell. Combined with the knowledge of which are commonly used for spells it isn't difficult to distinguish magicians from normal people by smell. However, the students likely aren't trained for that. So should I try to find another method to identify wizards and sorcerers? Or should I just drill the knowledge into them? By my experience, smell has always been the most reliable.
Anyway, lunchtime came around so the three of us gathered again and went in search of lunch. I wanted some savoury pies so I went to a bakery. Although the pastries are very good, I got one in each flavour, I do not like the lady behind the counter. She quickly saw through my disguise, which admittedly isn't very good but often enough to ward against initial hostility. But her noticing so easily probably means she's dealt a lot with goblins before. But the main reason I don't like her is that she tried to take advantage of me by charging almost 20 times the price. I know humanoïds think goblins are stupid. But still, I've been travelling around their society for more than 20 years. My common is fluent. And I'm more than aware that a well-paying job is usually no more than 2gp a day. What person would willingly pay 1/4th of that for four small pies in a common bakery? How stupid does she think I am? I don't care much for coins but she has to pay for looking down on me.