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Thu 29th Oct 2020 05:45

Diamond heist, part 1

by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

The Red Dot gang works fast. They informed u our target will be that Padmor Diamond. A large purple, shiny rock that is apparently worth a lot of gold.
Naturally, our first step was to gather information about this diamond and the noble family it belonged to. Most of the information is the more general knowledge to the people of this kingdom/ town.

  • Two generations ago, the Padmor's belonged to the rank of Baron but have declined in status since.

  • The diamond is often locked in a vault at the mansion in town.

  • Occasionally the diamond, along with some paintings, is displayed to the public. (not currently)

  • They have a secondary mansion several miles outside of town.

  • They have at least 9 private guards and two servants.

  • For now, our plan is for Greeny to talk her way into the mansion in disguise. Once inside I will slip out of her clothes (as a spider) and explore the mansion for the location of the diamond along with identifying security measurements. In the best-case scenario, Greeny will be able to talk sir Padmor into simply handing over his valuable possessions to her. If not, at the very least we'll be able to formulate a plan later based on the information gathered during the visit. Our current best back-up plan is to re-enter as exterminators. In that case, I'll need to run around the mansion as a rat or a mouse for a bit.
    For now, Greeny (disguised) has talked her way inside the gates. Macaroni and Gimdalf are on standby outside.
    During the morning, Macaroni went to the extermination service for a bit to make an inquiry about the people who had entered the sewers near the inn. Those were indeed from the service. They also told him they'd recently discovered a strange entrance in the sewers which seemed to lead into the ruins under the city. It might be a good starting point for our later investigations into the Red Dot gang.
    Note: gather fancy bottles from the mansion for my soap business.