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Sun 13th Jun 2021 03:46

Break in

by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

Finding this Red Dot base is an important step although I do not know how big it was. The next step was to figure out what we should do with it.
Sulk wanted to wait until the owner of this room reappeared. He seemed nearly certain this was the room of the Red Dot leader. I must say that that would be one sad room. Luckily Pasta hadn't lost his brain and agreed with me that we should first try to gain more trust. The more because we had no certainty on what that leader could do and if this was their room at all.
This discussion was concluded just in time as we heard a weird buzzing sound eerily similar to that of the teleportation door we'd seen before. I told the others to quickly go into the big empty room. We were barely swift enough to make it out of there. That small room had been closed off with a stone door, keeping us from seeing inside and vice-versa.
As a safety measure, I cast a shadow cloak over the three of us and we quickly moved into one of the three bedrooms. If the person inside that room was worth anything they would likely notice someone had been inside and investigate. Not much later we heard two pairs of slow footsteps and whispering voices come from the room. They passed our hiding spot and I followed them as a beautiful cockroach.
They were two elves covered in ashes. From their conversation, it sounded like they didn't usually use the doors we busted out of their frames to get to this area of the ruïns. We later discovered that the one place we hadn't been to yet was a freaky gravity staircase that was connected to a different point in the ruïns.
They investigated our traces for a bit and then went back to that small room, mentioning they should report to someone else. I think I can safely say they aren't the leaders of the Red Dot.
I followed them all the way back there. The room was now filled with ugly humanoïds. Including those two elves, there were eight of them and they were all covered in soot. Likely from an explosion. Going by what little I heard from their conversation before the door closed they had been on a mission but the blueprints were wrong and the explosives they used were too volatile?
Once we sneaked back above ground I could immediately see the results of what they were talking about. There was a commotion on the streets and a big cloud of black smoke rose up near the bridge over the river.
Sulk still wanted to investigate the news about the block of ice falling from the sky we'd heard earlier this day. Pasta and I dropped him off near that locations just to make sure our traces couldn't be tracked from the sewers by the Red Dot's. Pasta and I went to see what had exploded.
The explosion was apparently the result of an attempted and failed robbery on the bank, which is under the bridge.. A guy in fancy clothes made a dry speech about everything being fine and safe and that it was presumably the work of the Red Dot gang. He also said something about an opportunity for the reporters to ask questions later.
I discussed with pasta if we should steal a reporter's clothes and sneak in to get more information but we came to the conclusion that asking the Captain when reporting would be easier. Besides, at that talk, we'll probably only get sugar-coated information. After all, this place needs to uphold its image.