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Sun 30th May 2021 09:14

Return to the hall of Axes

by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

The room where the hall of axes used to be has been warped into a strange mess. The same spatial strangeness we encountered earlier is present here.

It looks as if a space has been created around the room, similar to a pocket dimension in a magic storage item. This 'pocket space' is riddled with pillars of warp booyagh magic which rotate around the original hall of Axes.
Sulk sent in Marshmallow to see if there was a safe path straight ahead but the owl seemed to be disintegrated after 80 feet. Heading into this space blind would probably mean death.
Lucky for us, the pillars move in a predetermined path. Through observation, we noticed a pattern in frequency. Sulk worked hard to draw out a safe path based on what little information we had. I didn't really understand it so I went to get some magic rocks to shoot at the anomalies.
As I expected these rocks had very interesting reactions when they came into contact with the warps. The effects ranged from changing colours to shooting around, to turning into entirely different things. This also gave more information about the path of the warps for Sulk's puzzle.
Finding a way to the Hall took a while, thus Sulk explained the general idea of it to Pasta and me. I vaguely understand the principle behind it.
When we finally found a safe path entering the Hall of axes was easy. Large portions of its walls were missing. We could pretty much enter wherever.
The statue had toppled over and shattered and there were still traces of a fight that was extremely similar to our own. I'm not sure what this means. Time travel? How would that work with Sulk and Pasta having died in the past while still being alive now? I've never heard of successful time travel in the first place. Maybe it's closer to just our souls passing over and inhabiting dolls?
Among the broken fragments of the statue, I found a giant metal axe engraved with runes. I don't work with such runes so I left it for the others to solve. Sulk found it was something linked to teleportation which, with a second look, seems to be about right. It does indeed look somewhat similar to the few teleportation circles and anchors I've seen. The runes have been damaged so it's useless right now and it is too big to take along. I couldn't find anything about the shield they used either. Disappointing.
The one useful thing we found is that the weapon summons still work and the weapons don't disappear after leaving the room. This magic slingshot seemed to be very effective in combat which is good. But it also gives off light. I stuffed it into my bag for now. I'll find a solution later.
I also took along a few bracelets from the demon-ape-thing. The Drow head says it's not magic but it's a decent material for magic weapons. Although, he made it sound as if these weapons had a tendency to be cursed. Maybe I should have it forged into a weapon and then give it to my enemies so they are slowly tortured to insanity. That wouldn't be a bad idea.