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020. A Tale of Dragons and Mimics

General Summary

After lunch, the party decided to go investigate the entrance to the ruins that Macca Ni had gained info about from the pest control. They entered the sewers behind Bari' shop so that they could do so stealthily.  

The Sewers

  Down in the 2nd level of the sewers, they found a cistern near where the entrance should be. Strange noises turned out to be a nest of Sewage Squid. The party decided not to disturb the squid just yet, and go check out the rest of the cistern.   There they found a wel-sealed crate full of gunpowder, which they filled various of their empty bottles with. Gimdalf opened a barrel which was floating in the water. It turned out to contain a lot of sand, and among the sand: a tiny beat-up looking dragon. Gimdalf carefully took the dragon out and checked it over to see if it was still alive. Some feeding and a quick bite in his finger later and the party now had a tiny purple dragon sleeping in a tinderbox, which was secured to the top of Gimdalf's backpack.   Deterimened to find out who would throw out a dragon, the party set off to find the intended destination and origin of the barrel. With the sewers being the maze it is, they quickly decided it to be fruitless and turned back to the squid. The nest of the squid turned out to be right in front of a cut-out hole in the sewer walls.   A large squid in the middle of the nest looked like it could give the party trouble in a fight, so they proceeded cautiously. Gram Crackers turned into a spider to climb around the squids and check out the entrance. It seemed the squid had created some sort of incubator by placing their eggs around a red-glowing orb. The tunnel entrance turned out to lead into some ancient ruins, where G.C. found another working glowing orb, along with a few inactive ones. She turned back into a goblin, took the working orb, and made her way back as a spider.   Meneer de Uil then distracted the large squid by making himself look rather tasty while staying just outside of it's reach. The owl quickly disappeared down the pipe with the squid in tow. The party then catiously made their way past the smaller squid without disturbing them.  

The Warrens

  Inside the warrens the party came across a large stone door with seemingly no handles. The hinges were on the inside however, so a quick lifting of the bolts later, the door was on the floor. Inside was what seemed to have been a courtyard of some kind, but now the only thing visible above was a layer of dirt.   Under a bunch of rubble in the corner, the party found a strange clockwork humanoid. After some investigation it was found that this was something called a Mapper Mk. III, and it's map seemed forcefully removed from the chest cavity. The party wanted to see if they could repair the automaton, or at least carry it outside, but the thing proved too heavy. Attempts to identify lead to make the thing lighter were stimmied by issues of identifying what a lead component in such a machine would even look like.   A half-open door in the courtyard wall had a symbol painted next to it that looked suspiciously like the red dot logo. The color was determined to be not-red after G.C. held the red glowing orb next to it.   A second square door turned out to have it's hinges at the top, which prompted the party to suspect another gravitational anomaly. On opening, a bunch of water came streaming out at a rather weird angle. They suspicions turned out to be right, as the gravity turned a sharp 90 degrees inside the room. A chest was sitting at the bottom invitingly. Gimdalf did a rather ungracious swan-dive straight into the floor, not caring to climb down carefully.   The chest turned out to be a Mimic, which uncharacteristically exploded in a rain of acid when slain.    



  • A red-glowing orb
  • 13 glass bottles of various sizes filled with gunpowder, 3 lbs. in total.
  • A tinderbox with a small purple dragon sleeping in it.
  • G.C.'s Journal
    Trouble in the sewers
    In-game date
    Report Date
    19 Feb 2021
    Primary Location
    Secondary Location
    Related Characters
    Active party members
  • Gram Crackers
  • Macca Ni
  • Gimdalf

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