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Tal'Nadir Empire

The Tal'Nadir Empire, or simply "The Empire" was an ancient imperium spanning all of Telarul and beyond.  


Liked to decorate the walls of their buildings with colourful engravings. Most of these have lost their colour over the years, and those that were outside have been worn down by the weather.

34595 BC - 27888 BC

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Ancient Empire
Official State Religion

  • 45682 BC

    1 /1

    The Firstborn Ancients
    Era beginning/end

    On the first day of this year, the The One is said to have created the first Tal'Nadir.   Written history began.

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  • 34595 BC

    12 /3

    The Founding

    It is believed that on this day, the Tal'Nadir Empire was founded.

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  • 27957 BC

    The Folly of the Tal'Nadir
    Disaster / Destruction

    The mightiest wizards of the Tal'Nadir Empire tried to become gods. Second only to The One. They failed. Their spell ripped holes in the fabric of space and time itself. Rifts opened all across the Telarul, letting all kinds of monstrous creatures into the world. This marked the beginning of the end for the Tal'Nadir.   The One has not been seen nor heard since this event.

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  • 27888 BC

    2 /14

    Empire's End

    The last stronghold of the Tal'Nadir Empire is overrun by monsters, and the Empire is officially no more.

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  • 27856 BC

    The Lastborn Ancients
    Era beginning/end

    With The One not responding, the Tal'Nadir struggled to survive the onslaught of the monsters that now roamed the world. Around this time, the last of the Tal'Nadir is born. A few short years after, the last one dies.

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