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023. A Deadly Revolving Door and Weapons of Light

General Summary

After arriving at the doors of the Room of Axes, the party saw that they were still intact. In front of the doors were heavy scorchmarks that abruptly ended some distance from the entrance. Next to the door was a hole that looked suspiciously like a large ape-like creature had gone through it. This was strangely similar to what they had seen in the vision.   The party decided to enter through the hole. Inside the entire room had warped and grown sustantially in size. The original floor, and some of the walls, of the room were now located somewhere in the middle of a vast circular space. Crackling spatial anomalies rotated counterclockwise around the center and a soft magical light illuminated everything.  

A Puzzling Puzzle

  Gimdalf sent in Meneer de Uil to scout, telling him to go straight for the center. After 80 ft. the owl got vaporized by a strange force that swiped him from the left. After throwing some stones, and observing the air. The party realized that the entire room was filled with spatial anomalies, not just the easily visible ones, and that touching them was a really bad idea. Due to the rotation, they could figure out how many anomalies and save spaces there were in a given line.   Gimdalf and Macca Ni started to work out where the anomalies were. Meanwhile Gram Crackers went to get some Magenetic Crystals from the cave they went through earlier, to shoot at any spots they wanted more info of.   The magenetic crystals interacted very strangely with the spatial anomalies. Instead of disintegrating outright, like other things did, each did something strange before simply disappearing. One went through all the colours of the rainbow, another turned into a tiny whale, a third seemed to be huge for a split second, and so on.   After carefull puzzling, the party figured out a safe way into the middle of the chamber. The room itself was slightly worse for wear, with small pits and chips on the floor and pillars. The large statue of the Tal'Nadir that had stood at one end had crumbled. The mangled skeletons of three Barlgura were strewn around the room, the same amount as the party had defeated in their vision.  

Weapons and Investigations

  The floorplates that had created the weapons of light were the only things still perfectly intact. After standing on the plates, each party member summoned the weapon they had seen in the vision.   With their main goal sorted, Gram Crackers and Gimdalf went to investigate the statue. Gram couldn't find any trace of the forcefield wall that the wizards had used in the vision. What was found, were strange runes on the base of the broken statue. Most of them were wiped out, but a few were still readable. Gimdalf couln't quite figure out their meaning. Gram however knew that one of them was a central rune in teleportation formations. She made a deal with Gimdalf to teach him about teleportation spells, in exchange for him buying the ox for her cart.   The stone axe of the tal'nadir turned out to be a small layer of stone over a giant blunt metal axe, which was engraved with other strange runes. Gram tried to lift it so she could sell it, but apart from it being very large, it also was exceedingly heavy. The party left it behind. The metal armbands that the Barlgura had worn, were identified by Nymatar Maeafin to be ceremonial bands made of Abyssal Steel, with the insides enraved with Gnaarghgraa.   The party made their way back through the dangerous revolving door of spatial anomalies. They were pleased to find that exiting the room did not de-summon their newly acquired weapons. In the dark corridor they noticed that the weapons emitted a ring of light, which would attract attention to them and make it hard to sneak. The party now has the intent to go cover the weapons in some way that leave them usable, but not as attention-attracting.   The plan for the next session is to go through the dungeon using the left-hand-rule, as they have now reached the limit of what they saw in the vision.    


  • Battleaxe of Light - Gimdalf
  • Crossbow of Light - Macca Ni
  • Sling of Light - Gram Crackers
  • Character(s) interacted with

  • Nymatar Maeafin - Talking head
    In-game date
    Report Date
    28 May 2021
    Primary Location
    Active party members
  • Macca Ni
  • Gram Crackers
  • Gimdalf
  • This is the puzzle used in this session. It is a nonogram where the goal is to find a safe (non-colored) path to the green tiles in the center. The idea is that the characters are at the side of the diagram, and that the whole thing is rotating around the center. The black colored tiles were very obvious spatial distortions. During the session, the target squares had a top-down view of their goal in them.   Because of the rotation, the characters can wait until a specific row or column rotates past them, and throw or shoot something into the room. They then know how far away from the edge the first anomaly is. Or, because the squares were played as 40 ft, know that there is nothing in range of their slingshot.   Click for the puzzle's solution
    Room of Axes Nonogram - Solved



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