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025. A failed Robbery and Smoke above Jafone

General Summary

Having determined the nature of the strange doorframes, the party spent some time discussing whether to wait for the owner of the room to appear, and whether this was the Red Dot hideout or not. The concensus was that they should first try to gain more trust, and that being found, in what was potentially their hideout, would not help.  

Sudden Intrusion

The discussion had just concluded when the party heard strange noise that was eerily similar to what they'd heard when the door of the organizers den disappeared (19. An Anti-Spy Bear and Strange Dreams). They suspected that one of the doors was going to appear soon, and swiftly exited the room. The stone door with the puzzle lock closed behind them.   Under the guise of Pass Without a Trace, the party moved into one of the monk's cells they had discovered earlier. Shortly after, two voices could be heard passing by. Gram Crackers followed the newcomers as a cockroach. The voices turned out to belong to two darkly clothed elves, who for some reason were covered in ash and soot all-over.   The elves were surprised that the stone door had been removed from it's hinges, something the party had done earlier to enter the Jafone Warrens, implying that they usually took another route. The party later deduced that the strange gravity-bending stairs they'd discovered were likely the route the gang normally took. After some further investigation of the traces, the elves returned to the suspected Red Dot hideout, with Gram in tow.   As the elves went through the puzzle door, Gram saw a further six darkly clothed people inside. Apart from the two elves and one dwarf, the others were all human. They seemed to be cleaning themselves from the soot. Before the door closed again, Gram heard something about blueprints being incorrect, suspicion of badly assembled explosives, and general grumbles about having to report this failed mission to their boss.  

Back in Town

When they returned to the town above ground, the party immediately spotted what the darkly clothed people had been talking about. There were a lot of excited people in the streets, and they were all looking towards a large dark cloud that rose up from the direction of the bride.   Gimdalf wanted to investigate the block of ice that the party had read about in the newspaper. He was dropped off on the way to the commotion, so that the Pass without a Trace spell covered the parties tracks as far from their exit from the sewers as possible.   The block of ice was being chopped in pieces and hauled on a cart by a few strongly built men. Gimdalf asked them if they knew where it came from, but it turned out the men had only gotten instructions to clean the mess.   Still wanting to know the how and why, Gimdalf called out to his patron Evlenia while focusing on the ice. After he didn't get any response, he tried Qara, who returned that the event was mostly a random occurence.   Meanwhile Macca Ni and Gram had arrived at the site of the smoke cloud, which turned out to be the Jafone Bank. As they stood a bit away from the general public and the news reporters who had swarmed the front stairs, an official looking person stepped out and began a statement.   The offical turned out to be the head of this branch of the bank. He told the public that an attempt had been made to rob the bank's vault, likely by the Red Dot Gang. The attempt had been warded off, but the explosives the robbers had used had reacted with the vaults defenses and created the big blast everyone had felt. He assured everyone that their money and other valuables were safe. He hoped no-one was injured and that there had been no material damage. But if there was damage, people could report it to one of the clerks, and repair would be paid for. Any in-depth questions by reporters would be answered later during a private press-conference.   Gram and Macca decided that the press conference wouldn't be worth going to, as the bank would likely only give the info that they wanted the public to hear. They saw a squad of city guards move to the back of the bank and followed to see if they could enter that way. The back turned out to be equally wel-guarded as the front, and the party decided that it was probably not a good idea to be seen conversing with the guards in public, as the Red Dot Gang was clearly keeping an eye on them.   (It is now around 7 in the evening)  

Character(s) interacted with

  • Eight suspected members of the Red Dot Gang, clothed in dark garments and covered in soot.
  • The head of the Jafone Bank
  • G.C.'s Journal
    Break in
    In-game date
    25th of Ysa 3966 (Twarday)
    Report Date
    11 Jun 2021
    Primary Location
    Secondary Location
    Related Characters
    Active party members
  • Gram Crackers
  • Macca Ni
  • Gimdalf

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