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022. Strange Rooms and Stranger Loot

General Summary

After returning from their adventure in the past, the party closed the door in the sideways room and took a rest. Their wounds from the dream-space might not have transfered over, but they were still pretty beat-up from the fight with the Mimic. They identified the three green amulets as being Amulets of Shared Storage. Gram Crackers promptly started to fill it with items from her bag.   The map Gram had made on her shield was gone, but she had memorized the layout as seen in the dream. The party set out to find the room of Axes and see if they could acquire some fancy weapons for real. Along the way they encountered, in order, the following things.  
  • A room filled with statues made of a heavy volcanic rock, and some blocks that were ready to be carved. The one half-finished statue was of a dragon similar in appearance to the small dragon Gimdalf had in his tinderbox. A closer examination revealed only that this dragon species was not in the standard catalogue of well-known, or lesser-known, dragons. A Barlgura skeleton was lying in the middle of the room. Gimdalf decided to name the dragon Tanin.
  • One of the many half-crumbled frescos along the walls had a depiction of a large sun. It had a painted red-dot symbol in it.
  • A strange spatial anomaly was slowly moving along a corridor. Seemingly breaking appart things in it's way.
  • Three bedrooms with crumbling doors that were monastery-like in their soberness. Some rummaging around revealed a pouch full of exotic coins behind a no-longer-hidden panel. The party used the bedrooms to get to the other side of the spatial anomaly.
  • A side corridor had another red-dot symbol painted on the carvings above it's door.
  • A piece of the corridor that had been shunted sideways by the spatial weirdness of the place. This was a spot where the party had been warned not to thread on certain tiles. Some careful testing revealed that the right-hand side of the corridor was safe.
  • Claws and scorchmarks along the corridor. The party took this as a sign that they were getting close to their target.
  • A destitute and messy armory. The only non-rusted piece of metal was part of a large metal spider that had been cleaved in half.
  • A locked metal door, which immediately took the interest of Macca Ni. After narrowly avoiding the flames triggered by threading on the pressure plates, Gimdalf used Tenser's Floating Disk to prevent that from happening again. Perched on the disk, Macca Ni managed to pick open the lock, revealing:
  • A storage room full of rotten and collapsed shelving units. Most of the contents had been taken already, but here and there things glinted in the darkness (see the list of gained items). A large white-stone statue of a Tal'Nadir man and woman standing back-to-back turned out to shrink to palm-sized when touched. It turned back into a full-sized statue when Gimdalf tried putting it in his backpack, almost crushing his dragon-friend and completely flattening his rations. Gram mentioned wanting to use this statue to see what the trapped tiles in the earlier coridor would do, and started carrying it around in her hand. Curiously, a portion of the back wall had a slight shimmer to it, which the party logged for future investigation.
  • The rest of the corridor had more scorchmarks, and a pair of cut-off hoofs standing in the middle.
  • Where three corridors should meet, was instead a large piece of spatially misplaced cavern. The floor was covered in a geometric pattern of Magenetic Crystal. Gimdalf recognized them and demonstrated their interesting properties to the other two. The party collectively took several, spreading them between their bags so that no two were forced too close together.
  • The penultimate corridor before their goal had cracks in the side and was lined with Speedcaps.
  • The statue at the crossing that lead to the room of axes had crumbled.
  •   This left the party in front of the, slightly ajar, doors of the room of Axes.    

    Looted Items


  • 10 silver and 35 copper, of an exotic denomination
  • Storeroom

  • A block of gold coins which appear to have been melted together.
  • 1 fancy silver fork with long prongs.
  • A bracelet made of unusually large wolf teeth.
  • A cracked jade statuette of two snakes curled around each other.
  • A pristine small jade box with a tiny turning handle on the front.
  • A gold plated and engraved Tal'Nadir skull
  • A large, and exceedingly heavy, white-stone statue of a Tal'Nadir man and woman standing back-to-back, it turns palm-sized when touched, and immediately turns full-sized when it is no longer in contact with skin. Gram Crackers is currently holding it.
  • Other

  • 3 Amulets of Shared Storage.
  • 10 Magenetic Crystals, stashed in various locations.
    G.C.'s Journal
    In-game date
    Report Date
    19 Mar 2021
    Primary Location
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    Active party members
  • Gram Crackers
  • Gimdalf
  • Macca Ni

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