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Padmor Diamond

A large, slightly purple diamond. "Crown" jewel of House Padmor since the year 3780. Got stolen by the The Legendary Beetles in the year 3966.  


  The diamond is exceedingly cursed. If you consider yourself to "own" the diamond. Then the curse applies to you, and everyone within 60 ft of you. Additionaly, the curse applies to anyone currently holding, but not necessarily owning, the diamond. The curse will cause the afflicted to be extremely unlucky. Anything attempted by someone afflicted by this bad luck is very likely to go awry. Anyone cursed by the diamond will notice that the world feels slightly darker and more gloomy than before, as if a gauze shroud has been put over their senses.   Only the family knows about the curse, and has tried to keep this a secret. Unsuccesfully however, as the Red Dot Gang stole records from them, and subsequently the The Legendary Beetles learned about it by encountering the curse first-hand. The familiy kept it in an Antimagic Display Case to suppress the curse.   The curse can only be broken by having the diamond stolen off of you, or by having someone recieve the diamond willingly without you getting any value back. Selling or throwing it away won't work, the diamond will find it's way back to you.  
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Current Location
Owning Organization
One of a kind.


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