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Baldor "The Terrible" Baltimore

Surprisingly jovial man with a wide, heavily muscled posture.  


During his highwayman days, Baldor accidentally tried robbing a high dignitary of the Opal Empire. He was promptly captured and given a choice: Either die, or serve the empire. He chose the latter, and recieved a cursed mark on his forehead. He usually wore a bandana to cover it up.  
  From then on, Baldor was acting on command of the opal empire. If he didn't, his mark would cause him excruciating pain and could ultimately kill him. He recieved his commands through what he suspected to be a long-range form of the Message spell. It is via this method he was ordered to destabilize Jafone by starting, and operating the Red Dot Gang.   He used the gang on the side as a way to gain information about his mark, and the curse that accompanies it. Remove Curse doesn't work on the mark*, and the gang was not able to discover the specific action that might break the curse. However, they discovered that the bad luck causing Padmor Diamond has the interesting property of also causing curses to have "bad luck", which would allow the curse to be removed using the usual methods.   * Which according to Beetleford's Law of Cursed Items makes this an highly clingy curse.   Baldor had the The Legendary Beetles retrieve the diamond as test for initiation into the gang. The diamond did indeed cause the curse to loose it's immunity to Remove Curse, albeit accompanied with a lot of pain. Since then (3966-06-27), Baldor's demeanor has improved by quite a bit, and he now travels the roads instead of making them unsafe.  
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