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Opal Empire

The Opal Empire is an imperial state generally percieved as being xenophobic.   Pundid is their official state language, but most of the population also speaks varying amounts of Common.  

Government system

The Opal Empire is ruled by a single emperor, assisted by a group of Lords. The emperor loses their name when ascending the throne, and instead takes the name of "Emperor <number in Pundid>". The current emperor is Emperor Oscinc, who is the 27th emperor.  

Heads in the clouds

The higher echelons of the Opal Empire are generaly quite detached from the goings on of the plu. They tend to assume that the average farmer has just as much knowledge of the goings on at state as they, and are surprised and slightly offended when it turns out they don't.  

Border Checks

Since Khodaro 3966 they have increased the restrictions on who can enter the empire. The reasons for this are unknown to the general public. The only species still welcome are Humans, Dwarfs, Elfs and their half-breeds. Special dispensation is made for those of other species who are usefull to the empire. Those few already living in the empire have found themselves uprooted and summarily escorted to the border.   This increased xenophobic outlook has heated the relations with the neigbouring nations. Especially The Free Cities are not happy with the developments.
Telarul (The Known Lands)
Spoken languages
Common, Pundid (Official state language)
Geopolitical, Empire
Government System
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations


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