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The Malprofunda is a very shallow river which drains Spiranta Lago into the sea. Almost dries up during the dry season.


The Malprofunda meanders heavily through the Duonverdaj hills and has wide floodplains extending from its banks. The river swells and dries with the coming and going of the local wet season. Each time the rains start, the old course of the river has almost dried up and has filled with sediment. The large influx of water floods the entirety of the floodplains for about a month, after which the river finds a new course to follow.   Due to the ever changing nature of the river's course, cartographers have given up on marking it precisely. Most maps indicate the extend of the floodplains, and mark the river somewhere in the center, forgoing all the meandering corners that it might have had when the map was made.
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