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Levita Urbo

Levita Urbo, or "The Raised City", is the capitall of the Hill Assembly. It is located on a slighly hilly strip of land between Spiranta Lago and the Malprofunda river.  

Raised City

The name refers to the fact that most of the buildings and steets are constructed on poles, the foundations raised from the ground by several feet. Every year, in the months Utan and Elvena, the Spiranta Lago will swell so much that it floods all but the highest areas of the city. After the water recedes the ground is soggy and extremely fertile, but unsuitable for building. When the wind changes direction and the dry season sets in, the ground will become cracked and brittle, which is also not ideal for putting buildings on. This combination of factors has led to the locals raising all their constructions high enough so that even the most extreme flooding will not touch the unersides of their dwellings.
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