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Ginoboja Huntsman's Lodges

The Ginoboja Huntsman's Lodges, also simply called "The Lodge" by the hunters who call it home, are a set of hunter cabins at the edge of the Ginoboja Forest. From here the hunters strike out into the forest, to hunt it's many exotic creatures. Many gatherers also visit the lodge and go along with the hunting parties to collect the strange plants that the forest has to offer.  



A low central building constructed out of Shroomtree logs functions as the inn and tavern. A wooden shield with a large oak leaf adorns the front. Aaron Breakwater is the inkeeper and chef here.   One of the staples in the inn is a sweet purple drink made from local Purpleberries. An unusual choice of meat on offer is the Ginobojan Glowbeastie. The inkeeper makes an excelent Wonton soup with them, but not as good as Paulet did*.   * See 30. Meeting Paulet and Tales of a Beast.  


One of the lodges is a small hospital with resident clerics of Itela. A shield with open hands indicates it's status as a sickbay. Injured coming out of the forest are treated here instead of in the city, as a precaution against spreading any exotic diseases or afflictions.   The entry hall has a small desk behind which double doors lead into the actual hospital. The doors are marked with warning symbols to indicate the chance of exotic disseases. The bell on the desk is magical and won't ring more than twice in a short span of time, no matter how quickly it is smashed.   A broad-shouldered tortle called
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