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031 and 032. A Strange Forest and a Beastly Encounter

General Summary

That morning, the party made themselves ready to find the mysterious beast. Sonod gave them the rough map of the beast encounters. Gimdalf checked whether there were any particulartly dangerous plants they should look out for, and they got warned against touching Yellow Burnleaf, as it is highly corrosive. Paulet Arta-aki made some porridge for on the road, admonished her goats to not climb on the roofs again (They didn't seem to listen all that well), and off they went.   As they made their way through the unfamiliar environment of the forest, Paulet gathered some of the strange plants for culinary experimentation. When they encountered their first burnleaf, Gimdalf tried to burn it down. This didn't seem to work too well, so he proceeded to freeze the plant. Paluet warned him that even though the plant is dangerous for humanoids, it might be a crucial part of the local ecosystem, so they shouldn't destroy them.   A short hunt for Glowbeasties later, they are getting close to the centre of the beast encounters. Gimdalf activates Detect Magic. Most of the creatures and plants give off an evocation aura. A seemingly empty spot on a tree is suffused in illusion magic, and turns out to be a Blurmoth. Paulet is interested in using such a moth as a new ingredient and tries to catch one. This time it is Gimdalf who admonishes Paulet that maybe she shouldn't kill this creature. Macca Ni then assist Paulet by shooting the butterfly with his crossbow.  

The Beast

A little further, the party spots some humanoid tracks which seem to be quite recent. Following the tracks leads to a discarded machette, with quite a lot of old dried blood next to it. They are investigating some tracks of a large cat-like animal, when Gimdalf is attacked from behind.   A fight breaks loose between the party and what turn out to be two purple Displacer Beasts. These displacers seem to be a bit more stealthy than expected for the species, and are able to blur into the trees. Macca Ni decides to show that he can do this too, and uses his Cloak of Elvenkind to disappear as well.   A moving scuffle later, the party has taken out one of the displacers. The other seems to retreat to what turns out to be a cave. A quick inspection reveals that these displacers are parents, and that they have two displacer kittens. A revalation which leaves the party a bit at a loss for what to do.  



  • A small bag full of Purpleberries.
  • 10 Glowbeasties.
  • 1 Blurmoth
  • Character(s) interacted with

  • Sonod Lendafer - Leader of the hunting group in the inn.
  • Aaron Breakwater - Barkeep
  • Paulet's Journal
    Glowing Forest
    In-game date
    29th of Ysa 3966 (Ysday)
    Report Date
    05 Nov 2021
    Primary Location
    Secondary Location
    Active party members
  • Macca Ni
  • Gimdalf
  • Paulet Arta-aki

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