Displacer Beast

A magical variety of the common Leopard.

Basic Information


A displacer beast looks much like a black leopard, with two obvious distincions. Firstly, a displacer beast has two sets of front legs, bringing it up to a total of six instead of the usual four. Secondly displacer beasts have two long tentacles extending from their frontmost shoulders. These are swept back over their bodies, and end in flat patches similar in shape to those on the main arms of a Squid. While the tentacles of a squid are already quite dangerous, on a displacer beast the undersides of the patches are lined with vicious teeth. The tentacles can strike targets up to 10 ft away from the beasts body.  

Special Abilities

  Displacer beasts can project a magical illusion that makes it appear to be standing next to it's actual location. This makes it extremely difficult to hit the actual body of the displacer.   In addition to that, a displacer can slightly bend space around itself. This makes it resiient to damaging agents that affect an area, as it can either avoid the effect entirely, or at worst, mitigate some of the effects.  

Magic Sensitive Morphology

In high-magic environments, a displacer beast is known to aquire other abilities in addition to it's usual powers. This change also tends to come with a change in pelt coloration, making enhanced displacers relatively easy to spot. Enhanced displacers are to be approached with extreme caution, as they have proven extremely unpredictable.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Similar to other cat-like creatures, dispacer beasts have excellent night vision.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Pantera heisenbergis


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