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Saltdale is the Opal Empire's main salt water port and trade center.   The city is built on and around a single large hill, with the palace in the center. The iconic beacon of the Aumfae floats a few meters above the palace's tallest tower.   The palace is the Emperor's second home, but the current ruler Emperor Oscinc hasn't made use of it yet.  

Tiered Districts

The city can be divided in several roughly circular tiers. The most well-off citizens and businesses are located closer to the center, with the outer rings getting simpler and less opulent. Outside the main city wall is the Out-town, a sprawling collection of slums and shacks, inhabited by the city's poorest.   The harbour is located inside the main walls, and draws out a large semi-circle next to the citie's main circle.  

Naval Power

Saltdale is the Grand Opal Military's main stationing port for their fleet. A large section of the city's harbour is devoted to the maintenance, supply, and manning of the seagoing vessels.
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