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Cadrryn's Manor

A large windowless structure made of tall interleafed trees. The home of Archdruid Cadrryn Dugas.   The double doors of woven birch will retreat into the wall upon knocking. Inside is a waiting area, or ante-chamber, where those who seek an audience can wait their turn. The floor is made of solid dirt with lush grass, and the roof consists of a canopy of leaves. Small glowing motes drift through the leaves and light up the room. In the back a large trunk rises to the second floor, it's branches forming a spiral staircase.   Upon entering new arrivals will be greeted by Cadrryn's spirit secretary Tefentorir.  


The manor is surrounded by a mental maze. Anyone not invited will find themselves inexplicably walking in circles. Walking away from the manor is easy, walking towards it and not getting turned around takes a heavy mental strain.  


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