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The Rusthills

The rusthills are a stretch of steep hills near the western border of Talamir. The soil of these hills is rich in iron, lending it a red-brown color. For most of the year this color is masked by the lush green plants that grow all over the area. During the fall however, the hills first turn red from the leaves of the plants, and then stay red as the now leavless vegetation reveals the red soil underneath. This lasts till the first snow falls, when the hills are of course white.   Further inside the hills are large veins of high quality iron ore, among smaller quantities of other valuables. This makes the area ideal for mining, which has been going on for centuries. The hills are therefore littered with abandoned or half-collapsed mineshafts, some of which have been appropriated by tribes of Kobolds.  

Contested Area

Due to the valuable natural resources of the area, the Opal Empire has been eyeing the area for about a century now. Scouting parties of the empire sometimes make incursions into the hills, claiming to be undertaking scientific measurements.
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