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Dragon's Teeth Quarry

There once was a giant dragon, who could not be killed. This dragon was so large, it's wings could cover whole cities with their shade.
— Traditional opening sentences of a Talmirian legend about the Dragon's Teeth, which was recently proven to be false.
  The Dragon's Teeth Quarry is Talamir's main source of white granite. In fact most, if not all, of Telarul's white granite originates here.   In the middle of the plains stands a towering construction made largely out of scaffolding. Raised platforms, lifts, cranes and small huts dot the latticework of beams and connections. Inside the construction are several conical rock formations that are made of solid white granite. Each day, these "teeth" are slowly cut into blocks and shipped to Jafone on large carts. Each night, they magically grow back to their original size, allowing them to be quarried anew the next day.   A small village has sprung up around the quarry with in the middle the foreman's office, and a 70ft tall watchtower protects the site. Both are made of the very granite that is being excavated here.   Travelers on the road North of Jafone regularly hitch a ride on the carts that transport the blocks of stone.  

Ancient Underground Facility

  It was discovered that the tower was accidentally built on the secret entrance of an ancient facility, that was strangely cut-up by some kind of magical fenomenon. The moving spiral stairs that functioned as entrance were quickly replaced because they sealed themselves off with an exploration party inside. The party included a bunch of masons who made quick work of breaking themselves out.   Inside the facility a smashed-up bone was discovered. The bone was identified to likely originate from a Tarrasque, leading the owners of the quarry to conclude that the "teeth" they have been mining are indeed just that. Some further discussion led to the idea that the quarrying of the teeth has been slowing down the tarrasque's regeneration as it has to regenerate it's teeth every single night.   The fact that an ancient tarrasque is burried under Jafone hasn't been announced publicly. Both not to allarm the general public, and because the regeneration speed of the bone hints that it won't be a threat for a few millenia yet.   The quarrying dilligence has increased considerably since then. Each day the entire teeth are mined level to the ground, even when there is no need for that much granite that day. This to ensure that the tarrasque will need so much of it's regenerative ability for it's teeth, that the rest of the creature won't knit together.   The bone in the underground facility is carefully monitored for signs of regrowth.  
Telarul (The Known Lands)
Founding Date
The 14th of Taphna, 3544
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