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013. Permissions Granted and a Kobold Watch

General Summary

After having talked with the guard Captain via Message, the party went to talk... with the guard Captain. Gimdalf broke off to go and sell some items he no longer needed at Bari's Magical Ods and Ends.   Fei Fennenhalf, still in her persona as Fiona, discussed the plan for the art exhibition with the Captain, and gained written permission to hold it on the 27th of Ysa. A notice on the guardroom pinboard caught their eye: guarding the Dragon's Teeth Quarry against a group of Kobolds.   They then discussed the plan with the Baron in one of her sitting rooms, and gained written permission from her as well. She also mentioned having some artworks herself that could be displayed. The plan is to pick 3 or 4 prime locations in Jafone to keep the logistics of guarding the artworks under control.  

A Kobold Watch

Gimdalf, Macca Ni and Gram Crackers hitched a ride on Mathye's cart, to the quarry. Fei stayed in the inn to do some more preparatory work for the exhibition. He told them Kobolds had been spotted to the north and that they suspected a raid to be imminent.   The Foreman told them that their ususal guard had suddenly caught indigestion due to badly prepared food, and that they needed stand-ins for the next few days. The party agreed to guard the quarry for 2 days, until the second dawn. As payment they would get 2 gp per person per day, along with 5 sp per Kobold they manage to kill. The foreman drafted up a contract saying as such.   After having eaten an oven-dish in the guard tower, the waiting began. Just after midnight, during Gimdalf's watch Meneer de Uil spots a group of Kobolds.   Shortly after, the party is fighting with 2 winged kobolds, 2 bear-riding kobolds, and 2 bog-standard kobolds. Through perseverance and some clever use of darkness, the kobolds were slain. The bears proved more sturdy than the kobolds, but after seeing their masters killed, they fled to live another day.   The current expected payout of the guard mission is:
  • 3 party members x 2 days x 2 gp = 12 gp
  • 6 kobolds x 5 sp = 30 sp
  • Whatever the kobolds may be carrying.



  • Document granting permission for an art exhibition in the streets of Jafone on the 27th of Ysa. Signed by Arryn Tamrin, Guard Captain of the Talamir City Guard.
  • Document granting permission for an art exhibition in the streets of Jafone on the 27th of Ysa. Signed by Rostib Imtaron, Baron of Jafone.
  • Looted

  • 6 Crude tusk daggers
  • 6 Crude slings
  • 1 Small blue crystal pendant on a string.



  • 2 Orange Glowcaps (1 sp)
  • 2 Chunks of dried Wolf meat (6 cp)
  • A leatherbound copy of The Divergence of Belief (3 gp)
  • A handfull of seeds of the Gebatomer Fire Flower (3 gp)
  • A golden leaf, what turned out to be a leaf from the Sunburst Birch, of which Bari Eliaso is a collector. (4 gp)
  • Total: 10 gp, 1 sp and 6 cp

    Character(s) interacted with

  • Arryn Tamrin (Guard Captain)
  • Rostib Imtaron (Baron of Jafone)
  • Mathye Evon (Cart Driver)
  • Rosabelle Silverfin (Foreman of the Quarry)
  • "Off screen": Bari Eliaso (Owner of Bari's Magical Ods and Ends)
  • A bunch of Kobolds
    In-game date
    Report Date
    14 Nov 2020
    Primary Location
    Secondary Location
    Active party members
  • Macca Ni
  • Gram Crackers
  • Gimdalf
  • Fei Fennenhalf

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