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Gebatomer Fire Flower

A large red flower. It grows solitarily or in clumps on the ground. A small stalk ends in a bright yellow mushroom-like center, from which many long red petals hang down. It's seeds grow underneath the yellow cap, much like a mushrooms spores would. When the seeds are ready, the flower waits for a gust of wind. Then it releases several seeds at once, hoping to spread them far and wide.  

Growth requirements

Even though the flower is prolific in it's reproduction, it is quite rare. This is due to it's specific growth requirements. The flower needs it's surroundings to be regularly filled with fire-based magic to properly grow. It soaks up these magic energies and uses them to fend of parasites and disseases.    


Due to it's magic nature, the Gebatomer is a potent material component for use in spells.
Geographic Distribution


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