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Rostib Imtaron

Rostib is a tall female half-dwarf. However, this will only be readily apparent to fellow dwarves. To non-dwarves, Rostib looks like an unusually slender male dwarf (the full beard does not help). To add to the confusion, Rostib has people refer to her as Baron, even though the usual title would be Baroness. This has lead to a general uncertainty, and debate   She wears a long green robes with a wide belt around her waist. A keen observer might notice that she wears armor undernath, and has a large amount of hidden weapons on her person.   Current Baron of Jafone, and head of House Imtaron. As a bastard-daughter she had a hard time rising up through the social strata of Talamir. Even though she is a just and competent ruler, there are many who would see her removed from office.   To this end, she is a frequent target of assasinations. These invariably fail, either at the hand of Rostib's network of spies, or by encountering the fighting prowess of Rostib herself.
Long blond hair worn in braids. Well-kept beard (she is half-dwarf after all).
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