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The Duonverdaj, or "Half Green Hills" are a stretch of rolling hills adjoyning the Simnian Desert. These hills have an interesting micro climate and see a dramatic difference in vegetation colouring during a year. In the dry season, most of the plants are scrubby and have dropped their leaves, leaving the hills a sandy brown. In the wet season, the vegetation goes through a resurgence and the hills become a verdant green as all the plant-life tries to make up for lost time.  


The climate of the Duonverdaj is governed by the sea to the north, the mountains to the north and east, and certainly by the dessert to the south and west. The region has two distinct seasons, one wet and one dry.   During the wet season, wind blows south from the Blua Maro through a gap in the mountains and carries heavy rainstorms with it. This lasts for about 4 months from midway Zodiac to the end of Itell. During the rest of the year, the wind blows north from the dessert, carrying hot and dry air over the hills. The months of Qarat, Atera and Korat are particularly dry, as by that time most of the water from the lakes and rivers has evaporated. The dessert winds deposit sand filled with nutrients all over the landscape, which acts as a potent vertilizer during the next wet season.
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