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Bianlu, to outsiders "the five sided way", is the official religion of the Eyaw Empire. It arose out of the elemenal worship of the Aarakocra after they entered the material plane and came into contact with the The Fourteen.  


Bianlu is divided into five elements. Each of the fourteen gods was assigned to an element. Sometimes more or less haphazardly. This assignment was done regardless of the opinion of the god in question.  


To aarakocra the most important element.   Gods associated with air are:
  • Ysen
  • Zodius
  • Modall
  • Water

    The second most imporant element in the religion.   Gods associated with water:
  • Phiohr
  • Itela
  • Hong the Devourer. Hong is a creature from Aaracokra folklore. It is unknown whether it actually exist or not. The Fourteen are rather confused and slightly miffed about it's inclusion in the Bianlu pantheon. The current theory is that it was added so that every element had 3 gods.
  • Earth

    Earth is equally important as fire.   Gods associated with earth:
  • Evlenia
  • Thutunia
  • Taphine
  • Fire

    Fire is equally important as earth.   Gods associated with fire:
  • Khodros
  • Phadorr
  • Utar
  • Spirit

    The element of spirit is the odd one out. Filled with the concepts and gods that embody more magical or metaphysical things.   Gods associated with spirit:
  • Atuna
  • Kroatis
  • Qara
  • Type
    Religious, Organised Religion
    Alternative Names
    The five sided way
    Permeated Organizations


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