Nights of Zodius

The Nights of Zodius is a festifal held mainly in Talamir. It usually falls around the turn of the new year, during the month Zodiac. During these days, children and adults stay up late, and wake up even later, to watch the rain of stars with which Zodius ends the year.   Houses and trees are decorated with round colorful lanterns, which are meant to mirror the display in the heavens. At the start of the evening, families or whole villages come together under the light of the lanterns, and eat a festive meal together. Most of the foodstuffs are star shaped. After the meal, the congregation moves to a dark spot near their village, and wait for the bright lights of the starfall to start. After the rain of stars has reached it's peak, and is calming down again, the festivities return to the light of the lanterns. Where songs will be played and sung, and there is generally much dancing.   The nights of Zodius starts just before the end of the year, on the day when the first starfall occurs. This star can vary from three to six days before the last day of the month. The first nights are traditionally quite subdued, with the festivities getting more and more exuberant the closer to new year it gets.   On the eve of new year, the greatest banquet of the feast is given. Contrary to the other nights, the lanterns will be turned off, and taken along to the darkest spot in the surroundings. Exactly around midnight, the rain of stars culminates. Everyone holds up their lantern, and a magical wave of light turns them back on.   It is said that those with a dark secret or heavy conscience will not have their lantern illuminated. It is believed this is a warning from Zodius that they have lost their way, and if they don't tell the thruth themselves, it will be told for them when the month Ysa comes around.


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