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029. Breaking Curses and a Member Leaves the Party

General Summary

  That day the The Legendary Beetles decide that they have had enough of this Red Dot Gang, and that they want to bring it to a conclusion.   Plan A was to get the diamond to the leader, and let him attempt to break his curse. If the curse gets broken, then they would try to convince the leader to bring the diamond back to the mansion himself. The guards would know of this, and take him in.   If this were to fail, and the red dot leader were to get away, they would use plan B: Try to take over the gang. Use the gang to track the leader, and have him taken into custody that way.   As last resort (Plan C), they would kill the leader, and earn the bounty via that method.  

Quiet morning

  Macca Ni and Gimdalf went to inform the guard captain of plan A and C. They decided it was probably best not to inform the captain they might want to take over the gang.   After that, Gimdalf bonded some more with Tanin, while Macca Ni tried out his new Battle Jojo as a street preformer.   Meanwhile, Gram Crackers went to the baron and layed out her plans to take over the gang, and reform it for less nefarious purposes.  

The plan in action

  They retrieved the Padmor Diamond from it's hiding place in the water, and went to the location where they'd last seen the hideout's door. They weren't sure whether the door would be there, as they didn't have an appointment, but they figured they could always try.   The door wasn't there, but shortly after their arrival, it appeared. A shadow next to a pillar turned out to be D, who said he'd suspected they'd be back tonight and had waited for them.   The party was quickly let inside. After they made their intentions of giving the diamond clear, Baldor (the leader) was quickly summoned. Both doors were teleported to the Hideout in the Warrens, which allowed Baldor to move from the Inner Sanctum to The Organizers Den.   After the logisitical problems of how to get the curse to affect the leader, while not affecting the one casting Dispel Magic, were sorted out, an attempt at breaking the curse was made. D cast the spell. There was a lot of flashy light, and the leader screamed in pain. After the hand was lifted again from the leaders forehead, the mark was gone, and the curse with it.   After recovering from shock of the procedure, Baldor quickly tried out his new freedom by saying some things he was told not to say by the Opal Empire spy that gave him instructions. He was delighted to find he could say them without the curse affecting him.   Heavily relieved, he transfered command of the gang to D and went to pack his things. Macca Ni tried to persuade him to bring the diamond back himself, but Baldor simply instructed one of the gang's henchmen to do it. He then went into his hideout and teleported it away.   Eager to get rid of the curse right away, Macca Ni used the Ring of Human Suggestions to convince the henchman that the diamond was now their problem. Thereby making sure that ownership got transfered.   The party then went to tie up the loose ends with The Organizer. In the process discovering that Baldor, the Organizer and the bodyguard at the door were actually family. As payment, they were given the choice of recieving money, or to take a magic item from the gangs stores. Gimdalf recieved a translucent Gem of Spell Storing, which could hold a 4th level spell. Macca Ni took a Cloak of Elvenkind, similar to the one D was wearing. Gram Crackers took the money.   When everything was finished up, Gimdalf and Macca Ni made clear their desire to travel further. Gram Crackers decided to stay in Jafone and join the gang. With the ultimate goal of becoming the leader.   Before they said goodbye, Gram fulfilled her promise of teaching Gimdalf some things about teleportation magic. She also told him a rumor about a Carpet of Teleportation that is supposedly in development.   She then took her stuff from the Shared Storage and went her separate way.    



  • Cloak of Elvenkind (Macca Ni)
  • Transparent Gem of Spell Storing - 4th level (Gimdalf)
  • A heavily burned book in an old dialect of Common. Has a crudely drawn, and ancient, map supposedly indicating the place of the Temple of the Source of Magic.
  • Given Away

  • Padmor Diamond
  • Character(s) interacted with

  • Arryn Tamrin - The guard captain
  • Abel Arten - D, and now the leader of the Red Dot Gang
  • Urthar Baltimore - The guard at the Organizer's den entrance.
  • Baldor "The Terrible" Baltimore - Ex-leader of the Red Dot Gang
  • John "The Organizer" Baltimore
  • Ared Heiphyra - The henchman.
  • G.C.'s Journal
    Plan to take over
    In-game date
    27th of Ysa 3966 (Imtar)
    Active party members
  • Macca Ni
  • Gram Crackers
  • Gimdalf

  • Comments

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