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012. Scouting the Estate and Zelda Chickens

General Summary

Fei Fennenhalf, in her disguise as Fiona the art enthusiast, and Anor Padmor have just settled down outside the estate when a thunderstorm appears out of nowhere. Anor has everyone get inside, and Fei and him move to the study. Meneer de Uil in his incarnation as a beagle, manages to convince a guard to let the nice doggy into the kitchen. There he get's a saussage from the cook, and keeps a few of the guards bussy with general doggy-ness.  

An Artistic Plan

  Meanwhile Fei sets out her scheme to Anor. The plan is to display a few of the families most expensive artworks out in the street of Jafone. This will have a twofold purpose: First, it will get the general public to know the family better, and maybe develop a kinship with them. Secondly, it will attract the Red Dot Gang. The plan is then to make it seem that there is a gap in the security of the exposition. This gap will then be exploited by members of the gang. House Padmor will then capture a few members of the gang, and gain the fame that goes along with that. This idea intrigued Anor, as it would bring them ever so much closer of regaining the titel of Baron.   They agreed that Fei would go and talk with the city guard and the current Baron to arrange the exhibition. While Anor would make a list of the paintings, and other artworks to be displayed, and make sure that they are available. They would reconvene in 3 to 4 days.  

Rummage, Rummage, Rummage

  Meanwhile, Gram Crackers is roaming around the estate as a small spider. She notices a strong door that she cannot get through as a spider. A quick investigation reveals that the front panels of the door and adjoining walls can hinge down. When the coast is clear she turns back into a Goblin and casts Detect Magic, which reveals that the wall is blocking her from seeing into the room with the spell. A further casting of Find Traps makes known that the hinged panels are indeed some kind of trap, and that there is a crushing danger.   She then sneakily proceds through the private rooms of the estate, and takes various items with her. She is almost spotted by Marin Padmor but manages to stay out of sight. She then changes into a Giant Centipede and shows herself. She get's caught by one of the estate guards, and thrown out.  

Zelda Chickens

  While Gram rummages around the estate, Macca Ni and Gimdalf hear a bunch of fighting noises, when a group of Gezito Chickens comes around the corner followed by two slightly desperate guards.   A quick, but hectic, fight follows. Macca and Gimdalf discover these chickens can call down lightning. Gimdalf roasts a few with Aganazzar's Scorcher and summons his new minion: Jacob de Uil. Macca Ni shoots down a few, but quickly get's into trouble due to the lightning. He saves himself by climing onto the roof and hiding.   When the battle turns in their favour, Gimdalf reassures the one still conscious guard that he can try to grab the chicken, and that they have the upper hand. The guard promply dies of a lightning strike. 3 chickens are still alive at the end of the fight, 2 unconscious, 1 perfectly fine.   After the fight, Gimdalf learns that a bunch of smugglers had taken the chickens into the city. Two of them were unconscious or dead, the third apprehended. He gets a total of 60 gp for his help in pacifying the chickens.   He takes the sergeant aside and tells her that he has a message for the Guard Captain. They (The Legendary Beetles) are going to steal something from the Padmor Estate. It would be nice if the guard could be lowered. Additionally, this is a test to see if there are any Red Dot members in the guard. He tells her something along the lines of: If the message does not go through, we know you are bad. And he reccomends making a list of anyone who could have overheard this conversation, so that they know who could be suspect if this info get's out.   He then meditates for a while in the Apple Yard.    


  Back at the Blastwood Inn Gimdalf says he gained 40 gp for helping with the chickens (he keeps 30 gp for himself). He is then scolded by Macca Ni and Gram Crackers for his recklessness in telling the guard sergeant that they were going to steal something from the estate. A fairly heated discussion follows over risk, risk-assesment, and who's responsibility it is. In the end it is decided that a risk that concerns the wole group, should be discussed with the whole group.   During lunch, each get's their desired amount of meat. Gimdalf get's a bean dish without chicken. Macca get's one with chicken. And Gram get's a bean dish with chicken, without beans.   Near the end of their meal, they see a group of City Guards walk purpousefully past the windows, while carrying a bunch of chains. A stealthy following later (Gram took the remaining bits of chicken with her) they discovered that the guards were using the chains to lock up the sewer grates.  

"Talking" with the Captain

  Under the guise of talking about the wagon that Gram would like to have customized, the party went to Winchesters Wagons and Wheels. From the door opening, Macca Ni could Message the captain in his office. After the captain had surrepticiously glanced outside to check that they were indeed who they said they were, they could whisper openly.   The guard captain had indeed recieved the message from one of his Sergeants. He told the party that this was not the best way of communicating. The sealed letted method of Gram was better, but the way they were using now was best. Upon the question of whether he knew who else could have overheard Gimdalfs conversation, he mentioned he did have a full report of the Gezito Chicken indicent, which had a list of the guard members involved.   The captain asked what they were going to steal, and how much mayham they would cause. Macca Ni informed him that they had a single item as target, but given his party members previous behaviours he could not guarantee that that would be the only thing stolen. The captain reacted understanding and said: "Adventurers eh?".   He informed them that he could not directly lower the defense of the Padmor Winter Estate because they employ a private security firm, who don't like the city guards much. What he can do however, is organize a banquet under the guise of increasing relations and discussing the current Red Dot threat. This will have the effect of pulling most higher ranked officers away from guard duty, leaving mostly the less competent members. The beetles instructed him to do this in 3 days (3966-06-23), so they both had some time to prepare.   Gram did not give the wagon builders the full info they needed, so that the party could later return to message the captaion under the guise of further discussion.    



  • 60 gp for helping pacify the Gezito Chickens.
  • Stolen by Gram Crackers from the Padmor Winter Estate

  • 3 Doses of Troll Dust.
  • 24 bottles, flasks and containers filled with various parfums and powders.
  • A small bottle in the shape of two intertwined dragons. The small bit of purple liquid left in it smells like a full moon would smell if it had a smell.
  • A pair of shoes with a fancy buckle, medium humanoid size.
  • A piece of white soap that glows slightly and cannot be cut.
  • G.C.'s Journal
    Diamond Heist, part 2
    In-game date
    Report Date
    30 Oct 2020
    Primary Location
    Secondary Location
    Active party members
  • Macca Ni
  • Gram Crackers
  • Gimdalf
  • Fei Fennenhalf

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