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017. An Almost Flawless Heist and a Robbery Intercepted

General Summary


  On the evening of the 22th, Gram Crackers goes out at 10:00 to scout out the Estate and the patrol routes of it's guards. First she observes the compound from a distance to make sure there is no significant activity inside. Then she enters through the cimney as a Giant Centipede. She discovers that both chimneys in the building have grates installed in them, which are locked with a padlock, but not very well secured into the surrounding stone.   Inside she makes her way catiously around the main bedrooms of the estate. During her round, a presumed guard patrol necessitates hiding in the messy bedroom. After discovering that only one of the bedrooms is in use, she hides behind the bed in the corner of the estate, and waits to see if more patrols pass. She determines that at the hour the guards pass outside, and on each half-hour the guards pass inside. With that information in hand, she makes her way back to the inn, where Gimdalf has been busy doing spell research, and Macca Ni has been sleeping under the bed.  

A quiet day

  The next day the party decides they have prepared enough for the heist of that night, and each takes a day for themselves. Gimdalf spent the day in the Jafone Library doing spellcraft research. Gram Crackers went to stroll through the city to take in the sights. Macca Ni went to the Apple Yard north of the city to see if he could hunt something. He almost shot a fox, but came back at the inn with a large rat.  

The heist

  That evening it was time to execute the heist to steal the Padmor Diamond. The party went to the estate at around 10:00, arriving on the roof of a house across a wide alley. G.C. cast Pass Without a Trace to enhance their stealthyness. Macca Ni spotted a handy stovepipe on the roof, and crossed the alley by tossing a rope to it and climbing up the wall of the estate. He almost missed the toss, but managed to reel it in quickly enough to not make a noise. Gimdalf stayed on the roof and sent out Meneer de Uil to keep an eye out for danger.   Once inside he entered the northern cimney, and picked the padlock on the grating (almost dropping his lockpick in the process). Gram Crackers entered behind him in her, now familliar, Giant Centipede form. She hid above the door of the treasure room. Macca Ni lodged himself in the chimney to wait for the guard to pass. Their plot to have the competent guards be away at the dinner of the City Guard seemed to have worked, as the guard was not punctual this time and more than five minutes late.   Macca Ni then proceeded to investigate the crushing trap he had been warned for by Gram. Not finding any hints as to how to disable the trap, he stared with picking the vault's lock. He triggered the trap, but managed to jump out of the way of the wall that now came down upon him by jumping backwards onto the table. The trap struck a bunched up section of bear rug instead of the floor, and was therefore surprisingly silent.   Having seen the inner workings of the trap, Macca Ni proceeded to avoid the trigger. After two tries and a broken lockpick, the door was open. He carefully opened the door just enough for Gram to observe the room, and then crawl inside. Gram then turned back to a Goblin and scanned the room with Detect Magic. The display case of the diamond returned as being under the effect of Abjuration magic. A few of the treasures in the room were also registering as magic.   Macca Ni deftly tried to take the case with it's contents off it's pillar and immediately replace it with the rat, in order to not trigger any weight-based trap that might be there. However, the case didn't have a bottom, and Macca Ni ended up slapping the rat onto the diamond.   As soon as he picked up the diamond, he felt as if something was off, letting go of the diamond alleviated the feeling. Telling Gram this, they quickly concluded that the diamond must have some sort of curse on it. Macca Ni tried to pick up the diamond in the boar rug that was on the floor, but this did also cause the same feelings of unease. They then discovered that putting the diamond back in the display case fixed the issue, and made it safe to carry. Macca Ni left the rat on the cushion. They didn't touch any of the other treasure.   Back outside the room they checked to make sure that nothing betrayed their presence and made their exit through the chimney. Macca Ni locked the grate behind them.  

A strange encounter

  While his party members were stealing the diamond, Gimdalf spotted a cloaked man with a long bit of rope and grapling hook walking in a nearby alley. The man climbed the house accross the alley from Gimdalf's stakeout, and entered through a skylight. Gimdalf proceeded to shoot a Frost Bolt at the skylight, to make a bunch of noise. The guard inside the backdoor of the estate dropped his pipe and cursed about it, but didn't investigate. The misterious man nervously looked out of the skylight. After seeing no-one he re-entered the building and proceeded with what he was doing.   After a while he re-appeared and climbed down with a large roll of what appeared to be canvas. Gimdalf quietly called him out when he started walking away, and started a whispered conversation from atop the roof. The man attested to be stealing an ugly painting from his own house, so that his wife wouldn't have to put up with it anymore (his mother-in-law gifted the painting to them, but they both thought it very ugly). The man seemed nervous, but Gimdalf couldn't get a propper read on whether the man was lying.   Gimdalf then threathened the man that he would call the guards if he didn't give Gimdalf some money. After some haggling, the man gave the painting to Gimdalf as payment, stating that he didn't know where to dispose of it anyways.   Meneer de Uil followed the man for a while, until he entered the back of a theater where some of his friends had been waiting, presumably during the intermission of the opera that was being preformed.  


  Macca Ni and Gram were both surprised to find Gimdalf sitting next to a large roll of a painting. After relaying what had happened on both ends, the party proceeded to go back to the inn via a cirquitous route. Gram Crackers and Gimdalf went into the water on the north side of the bridge, and exited at the south end, to shake of scent-based pursuit. They avoided some of the late-night workers there and didn't arise too much suspicion. Not even when lighting a campfire at the edge of the docks to dry up. Macca Ni meanwhile simply walked under the arches of the bridge.   Back at the inn, Gimdalf identified the display case to be an Antimagic Display Case. The diamond didn't appear to be magic, but Gimdalf agreed that it was probably cursed.   The heist complete, the party went to sleep. Macca Ni hung his hammock above the door, and connected a wire from the doorknob to his hammock, along with a bag of ball bearings, so they would be alerted when someone entered the room.    



  • A large painting of a landscape of mediocre craftsmanship. Sketch lines have been penciled onto the paint. It has been cut hastily out of it's frame.
  • Stolen

  • Padmor Diamond
  • Antimagic Display Case
  • Character(s) interacted with

  • Aior Menita (Barkeep of Blastwood Inn)
  • A mysterious man carrying a painting.
  • G.C.'s Journal
    Diamond heist, part 3
    In-game date
    3966-06-22 and 23
    Report Date
    22 Jan 2021
    Primary Location
    Secondary Location
    Active party members
  • Gram Crackers
  • Macca Ni
  • Gimdalf

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