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026. Barter and Research

General Summary

While Gram Crackers and Macca Ni made their way back to the Blastwood Inn to get dinner, Gimdalf went to Biedgar's Metalbashers to offload the haul of metal ingots from the warrens and see if his order was ready.   Biedgar was still open due to the general excitement because of the explosion at the bank. The Spiked Armor turned out to be done. Biedgar demonstrated the regenerating nature of the spikes by smacking one hard with a hammer. He was very pleased to recieve the high quality ingots and ancient molds. In return Gimdalf asked for the first prototype bracelet made with the mold, and a dwarven-style carrying harness to keep Tanin in when they were on the move.   Next Gimdalf went to Bari to see if she had any info on Tanin, given that she had a Fairy Dragon herself. Bari had not seen the dragon species before, but managed to find a mention in her dragon catalogue. Tanin was identified to be a Void Dragon. The book didn't give any more insight however, because the only page that mentioned them had been half ripped out. Bari did give Gimdalf general info on dragon babies (see Dragon).   Back at the inn, Gimdalf made sure Tanin was well-fed. And began to make sure the little dragon would listen to him and not cause trouble; Tanin tried to take some meat from Gram Crackers plate, but got called back by Gimdalf.  

The next day

  That morning Macca Ni and Gimdalf went to a alleyway near the Jafone Guardhouse. Macca Ni used Message once more to communicate with the guard captain without arrousing suspicion. Meanwhile, Gimdalf had put Tanin on the ground, and was trying to teach him some tricks.   The captain updated Macca Ni with their info on the failed robbery of the bank, and mentioned that they had apprehended a Red Dot Gang member who tried to rob a store while not properly prepared (Eric Ericssonsonson). Macca Ni on his turn informed the captain of their discovery of the probable Red Dot hideout. He asked the captain not to act on the information yet, because this might expose the Legendary Beetles as infiltrants. The captain agreed.   A quite sizable group of people had gathered around Gimdalf and Tanin, and he received a couple of copper pieces because people thought he was an entertainer. After that Gimdalf decided to no longer carry Tanin in the tinderbox, and used his conjuration powers to create a small carrying cage. He had to recreate it several times throughout the day, because Tanin kept biting the cage, which caused it to disappear again.   Meanwhile Gram Crackers had gone into the library to prepare her lecture for the party's next lesson for the Red Dot gang. While she was there, she also searched for info on the owners of the Ba-Ke-Ri Bakery, which she wanted to pay back for their specieist actions towards her. With some help from Ymis, she uncovered a newspaper article which detailed how the owners had received a fine for refusing service to an Orc. The way it was written suggested something like that had happened earlier. This confirmed Grams suspicions that the bakers were specieist in general.        



  • 5 bars of steel
  • 5 bars of copper
  • 1 mold for a bracelet
  • 1 mold for a ring
  • 1 mold for a necklace
  • Aquired

  • Dwarven Spiked Armor. The spikes are made of Tarrasque bone and regenerate when damaged.
  • Character(s) interacted with

  • Bari Eliaso - Owner of Bari's Magical Ods and Ends
  • Arryn Tamrin - Guard captain in Jafone
  • Ria Towerson - Barmaid
  • Biedgar Bowersson - Owner of Biedgar's Metalbashers
  • Ymis - Pony shaped librarian of the Jafone Library.
  • G.C.'s Journal
    Nothing here (yet)
    In-game date
    25th and 26th of Ysa 3966 (Twarday and Waraday)
    Report Date
    13 Aug 2021
    Primary Location
    Active party members
  • Gram Crackers
  • Macca Ni
  • Gimdalf

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