The average cruising speed of an ancient dragon, carrying a load in it's claws, is 50 miles per hour.  

Major dragons


Minor dragons

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Note that the development patterns listed here only count for the larger dragon species. Smaller dragon types like Fairy Dragons have different development patterns.  


Most dragon species are very small when they come out of the egg. Often they are not larger than the average rat when newborn. Baby dragons grow very quickly however, and have the appetite to match it.   Baby dragons have a broad diet: anything that can be turned into calories is fair game. Most however will favour meat when it is available.   The intelligence of a baby dragon is usually somewhere in the range of a somewhat dim-witted dog. Their mental capacity increases steadily during the first two years. Very quick development will set in somewhere in the third year. After which the dragon will have gained sentience, and the mental capabilities of a 10 year old human.


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