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019. An Anti-Spy Bear and Strange Dreams

General Summary

The party leaves the The Organizers Den. When they are about to leave the cistern, they hear a strange magic noise behind them. The door, and the torch next to it, are gone. The party speculates that the door might turn up somewhere else in the Sewers, or even in the Warrens.  

A sneak in a tree

  The group makes their way to the Apple Yard, which has become their de-facto discussion place, for a nightly meeting. Recognizing that they might become predictable, the party discusses a plan to vary their meeting spot to throw off anyone trying to spy on them. They further discuss their desire to know who the "Marked One" is, and general ideas on how to train the red dot thieves. Meneer de Uil, who was flying surveillance, is woed by a female owl, and is given the go-ahead by Gimdalf to go and get to know her. A little while later, Meneer de Uil reports that the tree they have landed in is also occupied by a strange cloacked person, who seems to be spying on the party. This causes Gimdalf to change topic to something innocuous and hint to the rest of the party to do the same.   When the spy is attacked by the female owl, Gimdalf announces his reason for the sudden topic change, and they go and check on the cloacked figure. When they reach the tree, the man is hanging from his branch instead of sitting on it, and is being harrassed by the owl. Gram Crackers turns into a bear and climbs the tree. She tries to break the branch, while Gimdalf uses magehand to put a rope around the mans legs. The branch breaks, the spy falls, and then falls on his face because his feet are now tied together. Gram Crackers quickly lies on top of him to pin him down.   After some back-and-forth, the party learns that this man was spying on them as proxy for the Red Dot Gang. He got orders and payment via the now-familliar notes, and left his reports in a pre-defined spot. The party convinces him, via some threats and general bear-ness, to report what he overheard in a light of professionalism. They also offer to pay him 2 gold (double what the gang paid him for this gig) to make extra-sure that his report mentions nothing incriminating.   As the party returns to the city, and the spy is back in his tree, they see him sitting on his branch with the now-docile owl on his head.  

A strange dream

  Back at the Inn, Macca Ni goes to sleep in a bed, much to the surprise of Gram and Gimdalf. Gimdalf rolls his mat out on the floor.   Gimdalf doesn't sleep well that night and tosses and turns quite a bit. When he wakes up, his notebook is open next to his bedroll. In it is drawn something that looks like a stone altar, with a strange symbol on it.   The image is drawn in Gimdalfs hand, but he has no reccolection of making it. The symbol is quickly identified as belonging to Qara, the goddess of magic.   During breakfast (eggs with spam and cheese, or eggs with spam and cheese without spam), Gimdalf is distant and tries to reccollect his dreams of that night. When the proprietor brings them their food, she asks them how it went last night, and the party gives a general answer about it going well.   Gimdalf is distant during breakfast as he tries to recall his dreams from that night. He gets a quick flash of the interior of a huge circular temple with the altar dominating one side.  


  Looking to gather more info about the dream, the party makes their way to the Jafone Library, which doubles as local temple to Atuna and Qara. On the way, they hear a newspaper seller announce that a giant icecube has fallen out of the sky. Gimdalf buys a paper and reads that an icecube has magically fallen ont the roof of a building nearby their Inn, no people were injured and the cause has not been determined as of yet. Strangely no-one heard the crash, even though it would have made quite the ruckus.   Once inside the library, Gram Crackers went to prepare her seminair for their thiefing lessons, while Macca Ni tried (and failed) to find valuable items that wouldn't be immediately noticed when they went "missing". After that he went to Jafone Castle to get an overview of the city, and spot any interesting landmarks in the area.   Meanwhile Gimdalf found the closest thing to an altar to Qara: a recessed area with her symbol, along with a bookstand on which currently rested an old spellbook. Gimdalf put his own spellbook in front of the one already there, closes his eyes and focuses on the godess while conveying confusion and a general request for help. After a while, he gets a short but vivid vision of magical currents, then expanding into the fabric of the universe and the underpinnings of magic itself. The complete knowledge does not fit inside a mortal mind, but as the vision fades away a small bit remains. The new knowledge gives Gimdalf the missing insight he needs to complete his spell, and contains a request to go and search for the shrine.   Now wanting to find this shrine, Gimdalf went and scoured the shelves for info on it's location. He found a vague mention in an old and weathered book, about a temple complex that was said to be the origin of magic. A few pages later, he encountered the words "SOURCE SPELLS TEMPLE" hastily written in the margins, with an extremely detailed drawing of vines around them. Neither Gimdalf nor Gram could identify the vines. Gimdalf tried to buy the book, but was told it was a quite rare item that was not for sale. So he made a copy of the words and drawing.   He then goes to the apple yard to see if he can finish the spell. Some mental moving around of the pieces later and a new spell was created: Gimdalfs nature's hide-out. With the spell now ready to cast in his head, Gimdalf targeted a nearby rose, which grew into a comfortable hideout. Back at the library, he wrote the spell down in his spellbook.  


  The party regroups and goes to find somewhere to lunch. They find the Ba-Ke-Ri Bakery and order some savoury pastries. The proprietor tries to overcharge Gram when she sees she is a Goblin, but Gram didn't take that.   While eating the pastries, Macca Ni tried to keep an eye out for thieves and outlaws out and about, but was distracted by the taste. Until a thief litterally bumped into him while he was aleviating someone else of their money pouch. Macca Ni set to follow the thief and maybe steal from the stealer. The thief used the age-old trick of bumping into a target, and using the jolt to take their money-pouch off of them. Macca Ni attempted the same with the thief, but was caught in the act. He was admonished for his audacity, warned to not try that again, and not much else. Macca Ni returned to the party empty-handed.    



  • A drawing of the words "SOURCE SPELLS TEMPLE" with a very detailed drawing of vines surrounding them. Found in the margins of an old book.
  • Character(s) interacted with

  • Aior Menita - Proprietor of the Blastwood Inn
  • Ymis - The bookkeeper of the Jafone Library.
  • New Characters

  • A spy in a tree.
  • The newspaper boy.
  • The baker.
  • A competent street thief.
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    Report Date
    12 Feb 2021
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    Active party members
  • Gram Crackers
  • Macca Ni
  • Gimdalf

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