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027. A Bear Surprise and Meeting the Leader

General Summary

That night, the party had an appointment with the Red Dot Gang for the further education of their newest members. They took the same route as the previous time, noting that the sewer entrance had gained a new lock, which Macca Ni promply took again.   As suspected from the info they got from the Arryn Tamrin, one of the students was missing due to having a run-in with the City Guard. Instead of a practical lesson, Gram Crackers gave the lecture that she had prepared earlier that day. Macca Ni and Gimdalf made sure the students paid attention by variously poking or casting minor spells at them.   Near the end of the lecture, one of the darkly clothed elves entered and wanted to see the soles of the party's footwear. After the group reluctantly agreed to this inspection, he asserted that the party were the ones who had entered the Red Dot Hideout the previous day. He was suspicious of the party's motives for entering the location. The party asserted (thruthfully) that they had no clue that the hideout was there. They were just exploring the warrens, like can be expected from a group of adventurers like them.   The elf informed them that this was a level of brashness, or competence, that they weren't quite expecting when hiring the party. The party then attempted to use their rise in percieved competence as an excuse for more payment, and after some tales of spotting the gang's spies, the organizer agreed that they do indeed deserve to go up the payment scale.   With the suspicions deflected, and more payment secured, the organizer brought up the Padmor Diamond. He mentioned that their leader would really like to have it. The party told him that they would very much like to know why the Red Dot leader needs the diamond. The organizer asserted that their leader can best explain that himself, and because the party's competence has been asserted, they could set up a meeting with him. They agree to meet an hour from now.  

Dropping More Spies

  While walking back to the inn, Gimdalf ran aerial surveillance through Meneer de Uil, while he himself held on to Macca Ni. About halfway, he spotted a drunkard who seemed to be staggering after them about a street away from them. In addition, he noticed a familliar shadowy person on the roof accross from the inn.   Gram Crackers decided she wanted to surprise this shadowy spy. She quickly moved out of his sight, casts Pass Without a Trace, and starts sneaking up on him.   On the roof, Gram managed to sneak up on the spy. After determining that the roof would hold her bulk, she quickly transformed into a bear. As the spy noticed her and started to turn around, she pushed him off the roof. He went over the edge, missed a balcony on the way down, and landed relatively gracefully on the stones below. As he looked back up, he saw the menacing silouette of a bear outlined against the night sky. He decided that this was not a fight he wanted to be in, and ran for it.   Meanwhile, Macca Ni subjected the supposed drunkard following them to closer scrutiny. He snuck up on him in a nearby alleyway. Using Message he sent a godly sounding "Go to the left", to see whether this person was really drunk or not. The drunkard staggered to the left. In response Macca Ni sent a more threatening godly message. Which made the person stop in their tracks, seemingly sober up for an instant, shrug their sholders, and stagger onwards.   With the spy now identified as such, Macca sent him a message explaining that he has been found out. The spy stopped staggering, straightened his posture, and said "right... well done.". Macca then urged him to stop following them, and go back to the gang. To which the spy responded that now that they'd passed this test, he was indeed going to do just that.   Macca Ni and Gimdalf continued on to the inn. Bear Crackers climbed down the wall of the opposite building, scared two more random drunkards, and joined them again. In their room, the party discussed how to proceed, and whether or not to take the diamond along to the meeting. In the end it was decided to not stir up much trouble for now, but also no take the diamond to the meeting, just in case the gang wanted to try anything fishy.  

The Meeting

  At the agreed-upon time, the party was waiting in the sewers for the door to appear. They got ushured in without much ceremony, and escored by two darkly clothed gang members to a room where the leader awaited them. Flanking the leader where the organizer and a now very familliar shadowy figure, who looked with some apprehension at Gram Crackers.   The leader reveals himself to be
Baldor "The Terrible" Baltimore
Character | Oct 27, 2021
and informs the party of his reasons for wanting the padmor diamond, and some if it's lesser known features (see his character page). Baraldor hopes to use the diamond to break the curse he is under. When asked about his plans after the curse is broken, Baraldor says he hasn't planned much for after, because he doesn't want to get his hopes up about the prospects, when they are not even sure if the process with the diamond will work.   The party further asked about:
  • The doors. Baraldor wasn't going to disclose too much about it, but confirmed what the party suspected.
  • The temple and the source of magic that Gimdalf had a dream about. Baraldor said they'd look through the books they had stolen for their research into curse breaking.
  • The pajamas in the hideout. Those turned out to be of the bodyguard sitting at the entrance of the organizers den.
  • Not to be trailed by spies again. Baraldor agreed. He said they were necessary to observe whether or not the party were competent and whether or not they could be thrusted. They were no longer necessary.
  • Whether they had seen an acquaintance of Gram Crackers, who she had traveled a lot with. They had not.
  • It got reiterated one more time that none of the information given should be told to anyone else. And Baraldor asked the party if they could relay the fact that the Opal Empire was the one behind the whole thing. The party basically responed with "why don't you do it yourself".   They got payed 10 platinum for their services, and as an incentive to stay employed. Baraldor thanked them again for being understanding of his ordeal. After he asked them once more to consider giving him the diamond in short order, the party got kindly escorted back into the sewers.    



  • 10 Platinum coins in a black velvet bag.
  • Character(s) interacted with

  • John "The Organizer" Baltimore
  • Ared Heiphyra - The elf in dark clothes.
  • Amar Aria, Beatrice Baltimore, Claricia Corhen and Darren Daring - The students
  • Abel Arten - The shadowy figure surprised by a bear.
  • Urthar Baltimore - The guard at the Organizer's den entrance.
  • A "drunken" spy.
  • G.C.'s Journal
    Nothing here (yet)
    In-game date
    26th of Ysa 3966 (Waraday)
    Report Date
    20 Aug 2021
    Primary Location
    Secondary Location
    Active party members
  • Gram Crackers
  • Macca Ni
  • Gimdalf
  • Baldor "The Terrible" Baltimore
    Character | Oct 27, 2021
    Padmor Diamond
    Item | Oct 5, 2021


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