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028. Preventing Theft and Commiting Theft

General Summary

After their meeting with the Red Dot leader, the party made their way back to the inn. Gimdalf ran aerial surveillance using Meneer de Uil to see whether the gang had kept their word about not sending more spies after them. This seemed to be the case, as no-one seemed to be on the lookout for them. The owl did however see someone with a ladder about to climb into the second floor of a house.   Gram Crackers decided that she hadn't had her tax of shenanigans for the day, and slung mudballs at the man on the ladder. He lost his ballance, crashed to the ground, and got entangled in the ladder. When he had untangled himself, Gram snatched the ladder out of his hands and ran for it, leaving the man standing severely confused in the middle of the street.   Meanwhile Gimdalf instructed Meneer de uil to enter the window that the man had been about to go through. Macca Ni continued on walking, and guided the blind and deaf Gimdalf along to the inn. Meneer de uil searched the room for hidden compartments. But when the ruckus outside started to attract attention from the neighbours, he settled for what he could see and stole a fancy looking watch from the bedside table.   When the party was back at the inn, Gram stowed the ladder at the side of their room, where it just about fit. Gimdalf inspected the watch. It turned out to be a non-magical, but precisely made watch with some extra hands and displays. However, while it appeared to be gold with an ivory watchplate, it was actually made from much cheaper materials.   When dawn came around, the party noticed that the city had become significantly more busy. It turned out that Imtar was the "market day" for Jafone, which meant more merchants on the street and more exotic wares on display. Macca Ni bought a Battle Jojo off a dwarven merchant.  



  • A 30 ft ladder that slides down to 15 ft.
  • A precisely made, and fancy looking watch with extra year, month and day displays. Looks to be made of gold and ivory, but on closer inspection turns out not to be.
  • Bought

  • A Battle Jojo
  • Character(s) interacted with

  • A midnight burglar
  • Dwarven merchant selling exotic weapons
  • G.C.'s Journal
    In-game date
    27th of Ysa 3966 (Imtar)
    Report Date
    03 Sep 2021
    Primary Location
    Related Characters
    Active party members
  • Macca Ni
  • Gram Crackers
  • Gimdalf

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