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011. Target Acquired and Interesting Fashion Choices

General Summary

While the rest of the party slumbered, Macca Ni heard a heavy thud against the frame of their window. The party deduced that this should be an arrow, with a note from the Red Dot Gang, presumably to indicate which item they should steal.  
Your target is the Padmor Diamond.
It is located at their Estate.
You have 4 days.
— Letter found attached to an arrow next to a window of the Blastwood Inn
  This turned out to be exactly correct.   The party perused the library for information about this family, their estate and the diamond, finding some information in "A Brief History on the Noble Families of Talamir". Additionaly ehy inquired about any information on Displacer Beasts. Interestingly, the desk attendand was a small black pony.   The party proceeds to the Apple Yard to prevent anyone from overhearing their plans. Gimdalf does a fly-over of the estate with Meneer de Uil. After discussing their plan-of-attack, the party splits up.   Gram Crackers and Fei Fennenhalf go look for disguises for Fei, because the plan requires her to enter the estate as a creator of art displays.   They end up at Selins Shawls and Swashbuckling, where they buy a large hat, and two shawls, to hide Fei's distinguishing green hair.   Meanwhile Macca Ni browses the library for building plans of the estate. There is a roll of paper labeled as such, but it simply says: "Haha, you wish."   Gimdalfs familliar Meneer de Uil was changed into a beagle, to infiltrate the estate along with Fei.   That night, Macca Ni stays awake under the bed.   Around 12 at night, he notices three people enter the sewer grate under their window, dressed in leather uniforms.   Around 4, he notices the same figures exit the sewer again. This time two are wearing their masks, and they are carrying bundles of Sewage Squid and a couple Rats They enter Tobadil Extermination Services H.Q. on the opposite side of the street.   The next morning, Macca Ni checks out the extermination service, and is pointed to a possible entry point into the Jafone Warrens.   To scout out the estate, Fei disguises her hair, and puts on an act as art gallery organizer. Gram turns into a common house spider and is carried along in her sleeve. Meneer de uil (still a beagle) tags along.   Fei talks them into the estate under the pretense of wanting to display the Padmor's artwork in the streets of Jafone. She proposed this would attract the Red Dot Gang, and give the house's guards a chance to catch them. This would then raise the status of the family, bringin them closer to being the leaders of the city once more. Anor Padmor was catious, and has kept the meeting to the garden.    

Items bought

  • 3 days in the Blastwood Inn, breakfast included (8 sp per day, 24 sp in total)
  • Fei:
  • A 3 ft wide silk-lined bordeaux hat, with a bright red feather from an Emperor's Peacock (20 gp)
  • Gram:
  • A dark red shawl with embroidened pinpricks of real gold thread (5 gp)
  • A dark green shawl with small blue sparkling circles embroidened on it (4 gp)
  • Gimdalf
  • 10 gp worth of charcoal, incense and herbs for the casting of Find Familliar.
  • G.C.'s Journal
    Diamond heist, part 1
    In-game date
    3966-06-19 and 20
    Report Date
    17 Oct 2020
    Primary Location
    Secondary Location
    Active party members
  • Macca Ni
  • Gram Crackers
  • Gimdalf
  • Fei Fennenhalf

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